Lately, Tampa SEO has been receiving a few questions on domain names, and more notably a question on branding.  The question is this:

As a small business in Tampa, I don’t have a a large marketing budget at all – which means SEO is going to be very important for my business.  Should I purchase a domain name that reflects my business name, or a generic domain name that will continue to build my brand?  What is better for SEO?

The answer to this question isn’t easy – it generally depends on your brand, your business, your industry, and a ton of other factors.  Here are 3 questions to think about when coming up with the best domain name possible, specifically for a business looking to maximize their SEO efforts in Tampa.

1. Can you build your keywords into a brand themselves?

Here’s a great example – US!  Tampa SEO was founded on the keyword in domain name idea – hence the domain name  It’s both keyword rich as well as very brand-able.  However, some competing businesses do not use keywords in their domain and yet are ranked very highly.

In our case, we chose to create a domain name that was very valuable because it was both keyword rich as well as brand-able.   It was a win-win for Tampa SEO.

2. Do you already have an established brand?

A lot of times, Tampa businesses will migrate to search engine optimization well after establishing businesses with a ton of reputation already.  For instance – let’s say you started a business in Tampa called, “Bob’s Tampa Business.”  You’ve been in business for over 10 years, and you have a great reputation.  When the locals say, “Bob’s Tampa Business,” they know who your company is.

In that case, if you’re going to enlist Tampa SEO to help with your search engine optimization, we would suggest keeping your brand your brand, and registering “” for branding purposes.

3.  Are you starting a new business that could have keywords in the name?

All too often, I’ve seen businesses in Tampa start businesses, spend a ton of money building their website, and spend a ton of money marketing their business.  But, their media buys, their website, even their business cards all fall short.  No where on their marketing does it actually say what they do!  Don’t make your consumers guess.  Clearly tell your potential consumers what it is that you do, and what it is that you specialize in.

With that said, we recommend that you plan ahead a little bit.

Instead of naming your business, “Bob’s Tampa Business,” why not name it with some potential keywords that people would be searching Google for?  If Bob’s Tampa Business actually specializes in junk removal?  Then maybe you should register your business as, “Tampa Junk Removal,” or “Junk Removal Tampa,” so that you can rank easier.



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