In 2011, the search engine optimization industry as we know it is going to be drastically different than how SEO is now.  SEO will begin to be focusing on different ranking factors, attacking web spam with WMDs, and attempting to make SEO and search engine results pages (SERPs) more reliable.

If you’re a small business in Tampa, FL, here are the top 4 SEO factors Tampa SEO thinks you should focus on for 2011 if you’re located in Tampa. SEO is ever evolving – make sure you stay on top of the SEO industry for the best chances of search engine visibility.

1. Optimize your website for speed.

One thing that might be more and more important in the future of SEO is optimizing for speed.  When a consumer visits your website, the page should load super fast – which will prevent your consumer from impatiently deciding to leave, and in turn visit the website of one of your competitors in Tampa.

Here are a few things we do here at Tampa SEO to make sure your website is lightning fast:

  • Use a CDN (content delivery network)
  • Cache static content
  • Eliminate unnecessary coding or components

Always check your Webmaster Tools account and follow the speed graph on your Tampa business’ website.  If you see a spike in page speed load times, think about removing the last modification you made to your Tampa SEO website.


Google Site Speed Graph

Google Site Speed Graph

2. Don’t necessarily assume you have buy-in from your entire company.

Most Tampa businesses don’t truly understand the potential value that SEO has.  SEO has some great benefits – here are a few benefits that Tampa SEO specifically brings to the table:

  • Establishes your business as a reputable business in the Tampa Bay area
  • Helps potential consumers to find your products or services leading to an increase in sales, conversion, and ROI

Attaining buy-in from your entire company is an important part of every great search engine optimization strategy.  In order to gain the absolute best possible search engine rankings, you’ll need your entire company on board.  When communicating the value of SEO, make sure you’re communicating the benefits that search engine optimization brings.  Sell the value of search engine optimization, and you will be able to sell your company SEO.

Even if you have buy-in on the value of search engine optimization now, make sure any new team members and staff all are informed of the top-down perspective on SEO.

3. Make sure your internal linking is consistent.

Most websites that we’ve seen here at Tampa SEO don’t have really great internal linking structures to help the search engine crawlers crawl your website.  Generally speaking, you will want your home page to link to your most valuable sub-pages, but also for those sub pages to link back to other relevant pages.

If you’re using an open source CMS like WordPress or Joomla, you can find great widgets or modules that allow you to have these types of links.  Look for a, “Similar Posts” function or “Random Posts” function so you can flow page rank from your home page to your sub pages, and then from your sub pages to other content on your website.  Watch out for duplicate content issues with WordPress and Joomla!

Also, remember to add Sitemaps to your Webmaster Tools account with Google – not just for your pages, but also for your image content and video content.

Google Sitemaps Screenshot

Remember to Add Your Google Sitemaps!

4. Focus on social media marketing!

We need to repeat that – focus on social media marketing!  This is absolutely essential to the lifetime value that SEO brings.  Not only do you have the potential of having your website being shared by your consumers, but also because SEO is going to rely very heavily on social media marketing in the future.  Social media ranking factors are harder to cheat, more trustworthy, and much more reliable.  Here at Tampa SEO, we feel that social media SEO and author authority will have more to do with organic SEO rankings in the future than PageRank has right now.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have!

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