Tampa SEO has one goal in mind – to bring small businesses in the Tampa Bay area new customers.  While we specialize in search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing, we completely understand that these are only digital marketing channels, and that your business can certainly benefit from offline marketing verticals as well.

While Tampa SEO does not specialize in offline marketing consultation, we can certainly point out a few places that we think are worth your advertising dollars.

Here are a few places that Tampa SEO recommends advertising with.

1. The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce is a great way to meet, network, and interact with other small business owners.  It’s absolutely the first start to any Tampa business looking to gain contacts in the commerce industry – and a link from the Chamber’s website will also help with your search engine optimization.

As a member, you receive a ton of exposure to the community.  They offer a ton of free workshops and information, and are also a great way to demonstrate your authority and give you credibility.

2. Join Tampa Bay Emerge.

Emerge Tampa Bay is affiliated with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, and it is designed for leaders who are 21 to 35.  The goal is to have our community invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

If you are of an appropriate age group, 21-35, this is another great way to get connected to the industry – and it’s extremely affordable as well.

3. Join BNI!

BNI is a business referral network that is designed to create a network of small businesses in which you can refer potential clients to.  In turn, the network will refer clients back to you.

BNI is more expensive than joining the Tampa Bay Chamber or Emerge, but it’s usually well worth the investment.

4. Join Tampa Bay Business Builders

Tampa Bay Business Builders is a referral network that has a great reputation in Tampa.  It’s been established since 1991 and provides some great benefits to small businesses in Tampa.  With membership dues running around $40 per year, this is a great investment into the Tampa community.

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