First of all, social marketing is becoming more and more important in organic search engine optimization.  It’s very important for all businesses in Tampa to ensure that they are integrating with social marketing t0 reach out directly to their potential B2B customers.

Today, it’s very important for a Tampa business to build it’s own social media than it is to market in more traditional ways.  The average person follows 8.7 brands on Facebook, and you want your brand to become one of them.

Here’s a few ways to market your Tampa business to B2B consumers to supplement the services offered by Tampa SEO.

Why do you want an online community?

  • Your community will buy your products
  • You can receive fresh testimonials & references
  • Your community will spread the word about you and your business
  • Your community will defend you and your reputation when you need it most

1. Start with existing customers.

The first thing you need to do is to reach out to your best customers.  Find customers who buy often or others that you have a great relationship with.  They could become beta testers, produce user generated content, or fill out surveys.

While you don’t want to overdo it, you do want to make sure you have an inside circle of clients to communicate with.  They will be the start of your social media circle.

2. Give your clients an area on your website to explain who they are and what they do.

Everyone loves free advertising – especially your B2B clients.  By having a customer profile or listing is a win-win situation for everyone.  Give them an area on your website to boast about their business.

3. Make your community exclusive.

The definition of an online community is, “a group of people with shared experience, shared goals, and shared values participating together in one group.”  Make a portion of your website exclusive or hidden to non-participating members.  Often times, requiring a Facebook or Twitter sign up for your website is a great way to gain a new user base.

4. Use Facebook to your advantage.

While only 2% of Facebook posts actually go into the “Top News” stream, Facebook is still a great way to connect with & participate with your community.  You can build relationships with potential clients and participate in a way that you gain trust and value.

Don’t spam Facebook!

Here are some areas you can affect Facebook’s Top News Algorithm:

  • Your author authority
  • Volume of activity around a subject
  • Your depth of engagement with a particular author

Use Facebook to interact with the potential “big fish” for your company.

5. Ask your followers to re-Tweet your Tweets.

Don’t over-do this – but ask your followers to re-Tweet your Tweets every once in a while.  If your users do re-Tweet, make sure you thank them.  Always answer your complaints and accusations immediately so that you can avoid situations that would require reputation management.



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