Recently, we came across a client who had some real issues when it comes to their DNS setup.  They had issues with their nameserver setup, issues with DNS configurations, and other DNS issues that lead to their website being down intermittently.

Their DNS problems were so intermittent that they probably didn’t even know there were issues, and we certainly believe that on occasion, the search engines could not view the website either.  That’s not good for SEO, and that’s not good for user experience.

With that in mind, Tampa SEO wants you to be “in-the-know” when it comes to DNS issues.  Here are a list of DNS tools that can help you identify, diagnose, and repair any DNS issues for both SEO & consumer experience benefits.


This is by far our favorite tool.  Just enter your website domain name, and your website DNS will be checked for over 20 different issues – from nameserver setup to CNAME records, and other DNS configurations.

If anything comes back in red, it needs to be looked at immediately – you probably have intermittent issues that you don’t even know about!


This is our second favorite tool – a great tool for checking that your website domain name has been propagated properly.  From there, you’ll be able to see if you have any issues in any location.

Please note – generally, we see issues from Germany and Texas, which probably won’t be worth looking into.

With these two tools being used, you can be sure that your SEO efforts are not going by the wayside.  All too often we see DNS issues that our customers don’t even know about, which will absolutely cause issues.


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