Top 5 Cons of Social Media

Here at Tampa SEO, we notice that there are tons of blog posts, articles written, videos produced, and buzz around small business social media.  All of these posts address social media and the pros of social media.  But where are the discussions about the cons of social media?  From what we’ve seen, no one is every speaking about the cons of social media and how difficult social media marketing can be.

Even as difficult as it may be, however, social media marketing is an absolutely essential marketing campaign that businesses will need to participate in now and in the future.  Over time, digital marketing will become more and more based on individuals and less and less based on broadcast media. Mark our words – social media marketing is essential!

Social Media Con #1: It takes time to learn how to use social media.

Let’s be real here – Facebook, Twitter, SumbleUpon, Digg, YouTube, and all other social media websites have one inherent con in common – they all require a certain amount of time to learn the physical product.  For example – StumbleUpon is a super easy to use marketing method that almost 90% of Tampa SEO‘s customers have never tried out – but it could be valuable to each and every one of them!

Social Media Con #2: Reporting the fruits of your social media labor is challenging, if not impossible.

To date, Tampa SEO has not found a really good social media reporting suite that encompasses everything we’d look for in a reporting system.  Knowing entreprenuers, we only give it a matter of time until the reporting systems catch up.

Social Media Con #3: You need to have some really, really good content.

Think of how many advertisements you see during the day – when you search using Google or Bing, when you drive down the highway and see billboards, when you read your favorite news website or watch TV – advertising is everywhere.  Consumers tend to get something called, “ad blindness” which makes their attention span for ads go through the floor.

In order to stand out from the rest of the businesses who are volleying for the eyes of your target demographic, you’ll need to publish the best, most high quality content available in your industry.  Without that high quality content, users will spend less time viewing your content and more time engaging with your competitor’s content.

Here is an example of a great piece of marketing via a video that has gone viral.

Social Media Con #4: You can’t just post, “We posted a new blog! Come look!”  You need to provide value to your users.

Here’s an example of a very bad Tweet:

Don't Do Twitter Like This

Don't Do Twitter Like This

Here are the 3 golden rules for Tweeting for a business:

  1. Never use automated Tweeting systems. These just annoy your Twitter followers
  2. Always Tweet great high quality (or personal) Tweets
  3. Don’t ever use the term, “our website” or “my website” in your Tweets

For more information on things to avoid in social media marketing, please view our PDF, “The Evolution of Social Media Marketers.”

Social Media Con #5: Social media marketing is like pushing a car.

It never fails – Tampa SEO has helped countless clients create their social media marketing campaigns and social media strategy, only to find that the client has lost momentum and slowed down interest in social media marketing.

Social media marketing is like pushing a car.  At first, you put all of your energy behind you and it starts to move.  Eventually, you’re only giving it minimal pushes to keep the momentum going.  With social media, you need to put a ton of energy and resources into it, and you’ll slowly start to gain speed.  After some time, you’ll have what Tampa SEO likes to call the “snowball” effect of social media.  That’s the end goal.


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