On occasion, Tampa SEO receives inquiries for our SEO and search engine marketing services, most of our clients don’t have huge budgets for SEO, SEM, or social media marketing here in Tampa.  With that said, every penny needs to be stretched as far as it can, every dollar needs to return a positive ROI on your search engine marketing, and every dime should be tracked to make sure your digital media budget is being spent wisely.

Rarely, we just can’t find a search engine optimization solution for Tampa businesses with tiny budgets – but we try to suggest that the client keep in touch by following Tampa SEO on Twitter or following our SEO blog.  We try to offer as much advice as we can in hopes of increasing the potential client’s online advertising reach so that they can then afford to sign up for our SEO services, SEM services, or search engine marketing plans.

Tampa SEO does have a ton of recommendations for engaging in SEO on a Small Budget. Here are a few of the top SEO tips that Tampa SEO recommends to clients on small budgets.

Small Budget SEO Tip #1: Make your content as targetted, informative, and relevant as possible.

Tampa SEO hears the exact same thing from every one of our clients, “We want to be number 1 on Google for _____ keywords.”  We always answer with the exact same question, “What makes your website deserve to be number 1?”  If your Tampa business doesn’t have a great answer to that question, then you might be in trouble with SEO.

So how do you make your website deserving of the first position on the search engines?  No matter what you hear from industry “experts,” content is still king. Content is the most important factor in SEO today.

Here are a few areas to focus on when producing content for SEO:

  • Is your SEO content entirely unique?
  • Do you have better, more informative, more interesting, or more entertaining content than your competition?
  • Do you consistently have new and fresh content being created?

Small Budget SEO Tip #2: Do you have great incoming links pointed at your website?

Tampa SEO explains link building in a pretty simple manner.  Think of link building like this – every time you create a link to another website, you are telling Google and the other search engines that you know and trust this other website.  This link counts as a vote towards this other website’s reputation.

Tampa SEO Explains Link Building

Links to Other Websites are Considered "Reputation Votes"

To be effective at your search engine optimization campaign, you’ll need to gain as many incoming links to your website as you possibly can.

Here are some things to keep in mind when starting your link building campaign:

  • Never pay for incoming links in any way, shape, or form. This violates the search engine’s codes of ethics and is considered a black hat SEO technique that should be stayed away from at all costs.
  • An incoming link from a website that is similar to yours is better than a link from a website that is completely different
  • For best results, use keywords in your anchor text
  • Do not get links to your website from websites that Google has black listed or from a website that buys links
  • Did we make it clear you shouldn’t buy incoming links?

Tampa SEO always recommends link building, but often times, our clients don’t know where to start.  Here’s the first places to look for incoming links:

  • Join the Tampa Chamber of Commerce – they will add a link to you from their website
  • Become a member of any clubs or industry clubs that will link to your website from theirs
  • Join forums, communities, and online resources that will link to your website
  • Contact friends and colleagues with websites and ask for incoming links
  • Contact bloggers & industry experts and offer to write a guest blog post for them in exchange for a link
  • List your website in any relevant directories or business listings
  • Comment on other relevant blogs or posts – BUT do not spam!

Small Budget SEO Tip #3: Re-Purpose Your Web Content.

Here at Tampa SEO, we completely understand how frustrating and time consuming high quality content can be.  With that said, we always try to get the utmost maximum use out of each piece of content we create.  Here’s how Tampa SEO recommends re-purposing your content for maximum SEO.

If your original piece of SEO content is an article:

  • Create the article into a PowerPoint presentation and upload it to SlideShare
  • Can you create images out of your article?
  • Are you able to create video out of your article?
  • Are you able to create more in-depth articles based on smaller, more niche topics in your article?

If your original piece of SEO content is a video:

  • Can you write about the video?
  • Can you ask someone to review the video?
  • Can you get a guest blogger to add his/her comments on the video?

If you are constantly thinking about ways to re-purpose your article, you can become more effective in the long run.

Again, Tampa SEO wishes we could help any business in Tampa succeed with their SEO, SEM, and social media marketing.  If these tips helped, please also follow us on Twitter and link back to this content from your website!


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