How Tampa SEO is Changing Our Search Strategy for 2011

Here at Tampa SEO, we’ve been receiving a huge amount of questions from our clients regarding the Panda 1 and Panda 2 updates that Google has launched here in 2011. Some of our SEO clients in Tampa and across the US have seen a dramatic drop in search rankings – here’s a screen shot of a Tampa SEO client that lost a ton of search engine optimization traffic in a short amount of time.

Here’s an example of how Panda has affected a client of Tampa SEO. Below is a screen shot of a client who has used our search engine optimization services for the past 12 months:

Tampa SEO on Panda Updates

A Tampa SEO Client Lost a Considerable Amount of Traffic Due to the Panda Updates

Over the past six months, Tampa SEO has spent a considerable amount of time and energy experimenting with websites that have lost organic search engine optimization traffic. We’ve compared the Tampa SEO clients that have gained traffic with the Tampa SEO clients that have lost clients, and we’ve found some great indicators on how to best optimize your website for search engine optimization here now in 2011. Here are a few Panda SEO tips that Tampa SEO has come up with to solve the Panda search engine optimization problem.

Tampa SEO Panda Tip #1: Focus on User Interaction.

Google has been working tirelessly trying to come up with higher quality search engine results for years. They’ve finally discovered a great algorithmic solution to high quality search results – user interaction.

Previously, Google wanted your content to have a few key characteristics that would determine if your content was high quality:

  • Is your content 100% unique?
  • Does your web page have high quality links to it?

Through testing, Tampa SEO was able to determine that Google is better able understand the quality your website by looking into how users interact with your website.

Today, 100% unique and useful content is still very important, but your content needs to have another goal in mind – user interaction. By looking into user interaction metrics, Google can better understand the quality your content.

What metrics does Tampa SEO think Google is now taking into account to determine the quality of your website?

  • How high is your website’s bounce rate?
    • If it’s over 40%, you should look into why its high
    • Your goal should be to reduce your bounce rate to less than 33%.
  • What is your average time on site?
    • If your average time on site is low, you should try to find ways to keep users on your website for longer periods of time


Tampa SEO Panda Tip #2: Increase Your Organic CTR.

Since January 1st 2011, Tampa SEO has seen an increased connection between organic search engine optimization rankings and  organic click through rate. Not sure what our click through rate is for your organic search rankings? The first thing you’ll need to do is install Google Webmaster Tools.

  • What is your CTR on your important SEO terms?
    • If you have high search ranking and low CTR for organic keywords, you should be looking into why users are not clicking your results before Google reduces your organic search engine placement
    • Try changing your title and snippets to see if you can gain a lift in CTR

Here’s an example of a Tampa SEO client that is doing very well in the search engines for their target keywords:

Tampa SEO - CTR for SEO

A Tampa SEO Client with Great CTR from Organic SEO

As you can see, they have a 50% CTR for one of their search terms by being in average search engine result position 1.5. This is a great CTR, and it’s one of the highest CTRs that anyone here at Tampa SEO has ever seen. By dividing total clicks by total impressions, and multiplying by 100, you can clearly see that this client’s overal CTR is 25%. That’s excellent!

Tampa SEO Panda Tip #3: Increase Your Average Time on Site.

Tampa SEO greatly recommends that each of our clients create websites and website content that encourages users to spend time on your website.

Here are some quick and simple tips that Tampa SEO has seen to really increase average time on site:

  • Link to other blogs & blog posts from your text
  • Make your images link to other great content
  • Encourage participation and interaction in your blog posts

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