Tampa SEO Confirms: Hard Earned SEO Rankings Affected by Malware, Hacking, and Website Down Time

Malware & hacking are two of the most evil, frustrating, and annoying forms of criminal activity that exists today. Small business owners & bloggers alike spend countless hours working on their websites – designing their websites, creating content on their websites, marketing & search engine optimizing their websites – and it all could be gone in a flash if some hacker stumbles across their hard work and devours their websites with only a little effort.

How Long Does it Take for Malware & Hacking to Effect SEO Rankings?

Here at Tampa SEO, more and more of our SEO clients get affected by hackers, malware, and advertising scams. Once attacked, our clients invariably ask the same panicked question, “Could website downtime or malware affect my organic SEO rankings?” The question is always a firm and resounding, “Yes.” If your website is down or affected by malware for longer than 24 hours, watch out – you’re almost sure to lose your SEO rankings.

Some of our clients have spent 6 or 8 months using Tampa SEO to search engine optimize their small business websites. They’ve spent valuable time, money, and resources moving their website up the search engine rankings, only to find out that they’ve been kicked off the search engines for something that they cannot control – a hacker has installed malware, or a hacker has taken down the website completely.

Tampa SEO - Almost Overnight, Our Clients Have Lost Hard Earned SEO Rankings by Hacking & Malware

Almost Overnight, Our Clients Have Lost Hard Earned SEO Rankings by Hacking & Malware

When You Lose Your SEO Rankings, You Lose Money

Tampa SEO has begun recommending to each and every one of its clients that they sign up for CodeGuard. CodeGuard quickly and easily allows you to protect your website by a simple connection process –so in the case of a malicious attack against your website or web server, your website restoration is only a click away. This virtually guarantees your hard earned SEO rankings will not be affected and the damage will be contained.The best part about CodeGuard is that the entry level package is free and signup takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Be proactive about your SEO rankings and sign up for CodeGuard – before your SEO rankings go down the drain for good!

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