In our first post on guest blogging for linkbuilding we discussed what types of blogs you should be writing and how to cater them to the audience. In this second part of the series we are going to detail how to find the sites to post your blogs to, how to contact the website owner, and how to measure the value of your posts. To help simplify the process we are going to use an example of our business, Tampa SEO to start with. Considering the services of Tampa SEO we can then develop a list of the sites we want to connect Tampa SEO with, the website owners of these sites, and how to measure the value to the Tampa SEO website.

Link Building Tip #1: Find Sites to Post Your Guest Blogs To

Start with an idea to promote Tampa SEO on website’s that are relevant to our industry yet not competitive. As search engine marketers we can consider other online marketing or related type businesses in Tampa. Let’s think how other marketers might benefit from information that we carry expertise on that can help business owners in the Tampa area.

We could consider public relations firms that want to talk about how businesses can connect with consumers through social media marketing, local business bureaus on how to help improve the exposure of your website online, and graphic designers on how their informational graphics are used widely throughout the web by other website owners.

Google search “public relations Tampa,” “local business bureau Tampa” and “graphic designers Tampa” to start you search.

Next make a note of the sites in each of the above three categories and find the contact information for each.

There are also some other ways to find websites that meet your needs including specific queries in Google. Here are some good examples for our Tampa SEO model:

  • “Submit a guest blog” Tampa SEO
  • “Add blog post” Tampa SEO
  • “Contribute to our site” Tampa SEO
  • “Guest bloggers wanted” Tampa SEO
  • “Public Relations Tampa” blog
  • “Graphic designers” guest post

For added functionality also try the OR function added to the above:

  • “Submit a guest blog” Tampa SEO or SEO in Tampa
  • “Guest bloggers wanted” Tampa SEO of SEO in Tampa

Link Building Tip#2: Create a great “first introductions” email that will grab attention and interest.

The next step is to formulate a good email that is your foot in the door for contacting website owners for the guest blog opportunity. Try to keep your emails short and to the point and avoid long, drawn-out messages. Also try to avoid cut and paste emails and try to customize your emails for each site so it doesn’t seem like you are sending out 1000’s of these. Giving the impression of a robot will not get good leads. Be polite, compliment the owner on the blog and explain the reason for wanting to contribute. Some link builders often try to start with a dialogue before asking for something in return. This is often a good practice because it lets you build a relationship first.

Link Building Tip #3: Make contact with other website owners expressing your interest.

Now that you have compiled a list of websites that you want to submit your blog to you can begin to contact the owners of the websites. Often the names and email addresses of the website owners or administrators are not as clearly labeled as we’d hope. When you run into these problems try the following:

  • Check the Whois data
  • View the writers profile if they have one
  • Use advanced commands:

site: contact
site: mail
site: about
site: gmail

Even try to contact the owners through their social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

Link Building Tip #3: Measure the value of your guest blogging exercises.

When it comes to guest blogging it is obvious that a lot of work goes into the process and it should be worth your time. Make sure that you are analyzing the analytics of your website and that you are making note of the sites and hits you are receiving from your guest blogs. Try and determine which articles you wrote were the most beneficial, are driving the most traffic to your site, and if the possibility of a repeat article is possible. It goes without saying that you should follow up with the website to make sure that the blog was posted and that it is not a “no follow” link pointing back to your site.

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