One of the most fundamental practices in SEO is link building or the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. In the early days of SEO, link building practices were much easier, but recent updates have made the process much more elaborate with emphasis on qualitative properties and much less quantitative properties. Tampa SEO will explain why nearly every SEO campaign needs link building2qa and the types of links we seek out for our SEO clients.

Why Does Tampa SEO Recommend Link Building for SEO?

Links are essentially third party votes from other websites that say “Hey! This website has good information on this particular subject and we recommend it.” The search engines look at the link profile of individual pages on a website to determine their popularity within the Internet and compare that page to other related competitor’s websites.

Typically the webpage with a better inbound link profile will have higher rankings given that everything else is equal. So the search engines are taking these inbound links as votes and putting weight on them to determine their particular search engine ranking factors. Although link building is not the only factor of a solid SEO campaign, it is necessary.

Unfortunately newer or existing websites need to go out and solicit links to their websites because sitting back and waiting for links to come in will take a long time. As website owners or SEOs we need to share the valuable information that is on your website and share it with the world as well as actively ask other website owners to link back to your site. Although you may have the best content on the web, the best indicator for the search engines is that there are lots of websites that think the same thing and show it by providing links to your site.

Types of Links Tampa SEO Looks for for Clients

In the old days of SEO getting as many links to your website was considered the best practice. Now that there is so much competition for high rankings the search engines had to build new factors into their algorithms that deciphered good link building campaigns vs. mediocre or poor link building campaigns. What this means is that NOT ALL LINKS ARE CREATED EQUAL and website owners and SEOs have to work harder than ever to get quality links pointing back to your site. Below are a few criteria that explain what types of links Tampa SEO actively seeks.

  • Tampa SEO Recommends Having Links from Highly Relevant Websites

Search engines have placed more weight on link campaigns that showcase links that come from websites that have something in common. For example, a link from a website that gives guitar reviews provides a link to your website that sells guitars would be considered a relevant link. Similarly if a pet website shared a link to your guitar sales website it just would not carry as much weight. This is why it is important to seek links from relevant industry sites. Furthermore, links back to your site from industry sites are more likely to get qualified consumers to your site which is a factor the search engines are also considering.

  • Tampa SEO Recommends Links with High Authority

The authority of links also plays a heavy role into the value of links to your site. Tampa SEO focuses on getting links from sites that have heavy traffic and that are considered relevant and authoritative voices within the industry. If a website is well-respected and known for its opinion than a link from that website can carry significant weight.

  • Tampa SEO Recommends Links from Websites Already Trusted by Google

Trust and authority tend to go hand-in-hand as authoritative websites tend to be trusted. Hacky or newer websites simply don’t have the same amount of trust as developed websites do. The search engines will be looking to see if trusted sites link to you and will reward you for getting links from these sites.

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