Guest Blogging Link Building is One of the Most Effective Link Building Techniques Available

With all the craze surrounding link building, Tampa SEO decided we would offer up our thoughts on some great ways get incoming links for SEO. Link building has always been one of the most time-consuming and daunting tasks of any SEO or website owner.

SEO Link Building Tip #1: Know what content will reach both audiences & search engines.

Tampa SEO is a firm believer that it helps to have a firm grasp on what your target audience is interested in and what the search engines like. In this sense you have to cater your writing to two audiences – the end reader and the search engines. With guest blogging you can add a third – the blog in which you wish your content to appear.

SEO Link Building Tip #2: Ask other relevant websites if you can write an article for their website.

The idea of the guest blog is to get a relevant industry player with a popular website to allow you to post your content and a link back to your website on their website. This is good for a few reasons including relationship building, link building, and sharing of information.

SEO Link Building Tip #3: Maximize your SEO activities by carefully selecting who you guest blog for.

Choosing which blog sites you want to contribute to is the next step in the guest blogging for link building process. Tampa SEO always recommends that you always wait until you have a guest blogging agreement before you write your content. This ensures that you provide extremely relevant content for the blog. Sometimes it may be better to connect with an industry-relevant website owner and ask them what they would like to see written in an attempt to make both parties happy. Make sure you ask them if they are ok with providing links back to your website and more importantly making sure they are “followed links.”

SEO Link Building Tip #4: Provide the blog owner with only the highest quality content possible.

After you have found sites that have agreed to post your content you can begin to produce your content. Because you are a guest and because the target of your link building/guest blogging campaign is to get published on popular, high-traffic sites you will want to make your guest blog worth their while and your time. Google offered some ideas for high-quality sites that can be transferred over to the principles of guest blogging.

When writing a guest blog, consider such factors from the reader’s perspective as:

  • Level of trust of the information
  • Expertise of source
  • Originality and informative value of content
  • Helpful and specific topics
  • Is the article compelling or insightful

When considering the search engines perspective make sure your articles:

  • Are not duplicate content
  • Are not full of errors
  • Are not massed produced with small variations across multiple websites
  • Are the type of article that would be shared, bookmarked or recommended

Tampa SEO highly recommends guest blogging as a form of search engine optimization for all of our Tampa clients. For more information on guest blogging, please feel free to contact Tampa SEO.

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