Article marketing is often considered as an SEO approach for purposes of link building, sharing of content, publishing content on sites that are more popular and drive more traffic than yours, and to help build your reputation as an authority in your field. While the principles behind article marketing are clear, the reasons why the search engines have significantly downplayed this type of search engine optimization strategy is not. Tampa SEO explains why article marketing can be dangerous to your SEO campaign if not done properly.

Have You Wasted Your SEO Content?

A problem with the strategy of producing valuable and useful content and then placing it on article sites is that it is very time consuming and is hard to do well. Tampa SEO wants publishers to consider the how valuable their content will actually be if placed on an article site.

Say your article is well-written and is information-packed, entertaining, or both. This does not necessarily lead the reader to visit your website and partake in your call-to-action. The biggest benefactor of your well-written article is the article site itself. Tampa SEO would suggest placing the articles on your own website and gaining readership by pushing it through your social network. This way the readers stay on your website – and if the article is popular enough, generates more links to your website than the one or two that you get from the article site.

Could You Be Receiving More Powerful Links?

The links that come from article sites may not be as valuable as once originally thought. The article sites are essentially designed to send search engine optimization juice and have attracted a lot of poor content. It is for this reason search engines have devalued article site’s links. Writers are essentially spending a lot of time writing when the benefit is minimal.

Producing articles to article sites produces links to the article sites which does not benefit your site. You think because the article sites are so much more popular and visible they will generate traffic or links to your site. Everyone has caught on to this supposed attraction to article sites and the search engines have remedied this with changes in their algorithms. There are no quick wins with search engine optimization and producing content just for the sake of getting an article link is not going to help your long-term campaign.

Ways that people also go wrong is when they submit their article to multiple article sites thinking that the links will benefit their site collectively. This is called article spinning. Even slight variations on the original content will likely not be as good and therefore not be worth the time invested.

If you are considering writing for the sake of links consider guest blogging on an authoritative site this way you will gain powerful links and develop relationships.

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