Body tags are an additional way for website owners to tell search engines where to emphasize their focus. Because search engines use an indexing system to “read” your website optimizing your body tags is another way to attract attention to areas you feel you should be recognized for. Tampa SEO has provided some areas within the body of your webpages that you may want to consider optimizing for a little added benefit.

Most of the below characteristics will honestly not significantly increase your search engine rankings however it doesn’t mean they should be neglected. There are some attributes that will help your rankings and those should be highlighted for web site owners who are not looking to revamp all of their content.

Using the H1 Tag in Your SEO Content

The H1 tag is the most prominent tag as far as visuals go on a webpage but its SEO value is minute. It should still be used and should contain the targeted keyword or keyword phrase you are trying to rank for. There should only be one H1 per page.

Using the H2, H3, H4 Tags in Your SEO Content

These tags carry even less SEO value than the H1 tag but the focus of most heading tags is to provide clarity for your readers thus improving their user experience. Remember that you are writing and producing content with the search engines but also the consumers in mind.

Using Image Filename to Maximize Your SEO

Tampa SEO sees the misuse of image filenames as the most abused factor on websites. Because websites can gain traffic through their images they should be appropriately named using keywords that accurately describe them. For example instead of “hrh7h4.jpg” use “blue-widget.jpg.”

Maximizing Your Image Alt Tags for Maximum SEO

The image alt tag in addition to the image filename also appears to carry considerable SEO weight. Use the image alt tag with keywords that are relevant to the picture, surrounding text, and the image filename for best SEO impact. Check out this blog on image optimization.

Using Bold Text to Maximize Your SEO

Using bold text for your keywords is another body tag optimization technique you can use. Although it plays more into the user experience and less into SEO factors it can still be used to place some emphasis on keywords.

Using Italic Text to Maximize Your Article SEO

Tampa SEO recommends utilizing italic text in your content as you would bold. Use italic text for targeted keywords. Again, don’t expect a lot of SEO impact here.

Use Internal Linking for Easy SEO Crawlability

Tampa SEO recommends that pages on you website link to other pages within your website that help compound the information or explain it. Use keywords within your text to link to pages that are relevant to help with user experience and to show search engines how you’d like them to navigate through your site.

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