Google and Bing have both stated that they use social signals to give value to content and search rankings. Whether or not you understand social media it is an important tool in your overall SEO campaign and Tampa SEO will teach you how to utilize it. Social signals refer to the buzz that is created online regarding your content and its popularity that help with rankings. If you have people sharing your content all over the web chances are you have developed something popular or published an opinion that is in high regard (or low regard).

Tampa SEO utilizes social media for its clients to build relationships with customers and to keep them reminded of your products or services. The below are some tips to help push your social media and increase your influence with search engines and the public.

Your Social Media Campaign

Within your business you should begin by having the most popular social sites to get the biggest advantage. This would include Facebook (#1), Twitter (#2) and YouTube (the second most popular search engine after Google) accounts. Merely having accounts or pages with these social sites does not do anything in itself. You will have to work hard to get followers or friends and for business purposes funnel relevant industry data through your network. For example let’s say you have written a great news blog (also considered social media) about Halloween costumes and you want to share it with interested parties.

Tampa SEO would suggest plugging this through your social media network repeatedly by providing your followers a link to your blog along with an enticing short description. Flowing your link through your social network compounds the effect the blog would have on its own by allowing other people to see it or even better, share it.

The impact of reaching more people should be obvious and will be taken into account by the search engines. Similarly, if you have a video on Halloween costumes plug that link into your social sphere and drive more traffic to your great video. In addition to traffic and social signals for the search engines your blog or video may even attract links naturally thus enhancing its value in terms of SEO.

Social Media on Your Site

The above mentioned are proactive things that you can do with your content to help spread it around the web. You should also give your follower’s friends who may have seen the link a chance to spread it as well. The way to do this is to have social media links on your webpage similar to the ones you see at the left of this blog post. If a visitor who is not in the Tampa SEO social network comes across this article we have now given them the opportunity to share this content on Google +1, Stumble Upon, Facebook, Twitter and through email and have enhanced our chances of getting more traffic, leads, links and conversions.

Make Your Social Media Content Sharable

Optimizing your content means actually publishing content that people care about. How do you know what people care about? Research! By researching trends and being the first to publish content about them you have set the standard for all of your competition. Utilize websites like Google Trends or Google Insights for Search to find out what people are searching for in relation to your industry. This type of analytical data will provide you with topics to write about and keywords that you will want to include in your content and title.

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