Tampa SEO has recently partnered with Content Professional, a top-notch SEO content writing service also operating out of Florida. We connected with Content Professional through an SEO software company and liked their progressive and knowledgeable approach to SEO content writing. When selecting a content writer that represents Tampa SEO and our clients we needed to find a company that understands how to reach both the search engines and the intended audience. SEO content writing is a huge piece to SEO and we felt that Content Professional understood how to cater their writing to both of these audiences.

So far we are pleased with the relationship that we have built with Content Professional and their timeliness and dedication to create compelling and original search engine optimized content. Here are a few tips for SEO content writing that Content Professional employs in their content writing and has shared with the Tampa SEO blog followers:

Create Fresh SEO Content

Fresh and original content has great SEO impact and should always be produced to gain recognition from potential clients or customers and the search engines. The bulk of your website should consist of content that showcases your professionalism and establishes trust with your clients. By producing fresh content regularly your audience will grow and you may also get the following positive results: improved search engine rankings, increased number of links to your site, and increased frequency at which the search engines crawl your website.

Create Compelling SEO Content with Great Calls-to-Action

Once you have driven traffic to your website you’ll have to keep them compelled with your content. This means offering interesting opinions or detailed information that is not found anywhere else on the web. Then, after you have gotten and kept their attention tell them what you want them to do. This can include contacting you, purchasing a product, or signing on for a newsletter. Whatever it is make sure you let the customer know what they should do next on your site to increase your conversions.

Avoid Producing SEO Content Just for the Sake of It

This goes along with the above. Create compelling content but don’t just create content simply because you think it’s good for SEO. If you are not providing anything original or detailed chances are nobody will care- including the search engines.

Utilizing SEO Keywords

Tampa SEO is forever preaching the impact of good keyword research and implementation. Do your homework and find the most popular keywords and keyword phrases for your topics. Use these throughout your content and make them appear natural or your readers will not enjoy it. Also consider using some of the less competitive keywords to gain traffic that is not being targeted by your competitors.

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