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Tampa SEO runs across of a lot of websites that have poor designs from an SEO perspective. If you have a poorly designed website the search engines may not pay attention to you as much as you’d like. Many of the SEO principles of website design involve coding details but there are some aesthetic issues that play into the user experience. Google and Bing have admitted that user experience factors like trust, ease of navigation, and overall feel can influence rankings. Website owners should ask themselves when designing their websites or looking at others if they trust the content on the site and if they would consider doing business with them based on first impression. Beyond these factors, let’s look at some other considerations:

Website Navigation

Website navigation pertains to the internal linking structure of your website and how easy it is to navigate to information all over the website. Tampa SEO recommends using buttons and links which are text-based to improve navigation throughout your site.

Avoid Flash

Websites should always avoid the use of flash where possible as Google and the other search engines can’t read the text on the images. This in turn results in wasted real estate on your website and makes for poor indexing. Search engines spiders ignore it and so should you.

Avoid Frames

Frames make it difficult for spiders to crawl your website and thus make for poor SEO. The content contained within frames cannot be indexed and thus should be avoided.

Use Search Engine Friendly URLs

Tampa SEO has witnessed many websites that don’t employ search engine friendly URLs. We discussed this in a previous blog titled “SEO friendly URL structure” you can reference to get good advice on doing this right. Basically the best SEO practice is to implement keywords into the URL structure in lieu of undescriptive URLs.

Website Images

Website images are another thing that we discussed in a former Tampa SEO blog titled “Discussing Image Optimization for SEO.” Images on your website should be appropriately named with keyword rich text and the file sizes should be kept to a minimum to achieve faster load times.

Social Media

Social media allows your customers to acknowledge that your business is available for contact on various different levels. It can also affect your SEO efforts as daily updates on sites like Twitter can speed up the rates in which Google indexes your website and checks for updates.

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