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Tampa SEO has been helping businesses promote their products and services online and especially in time for the holidays. While it will come as no surprise that consumers spend a lot of money around the holiday season it should come as a surprise to business owners that Cyber Monday, or the Monday after Thanksgiving, is the most important day of the year as far as online sales go. Black Friday is the day where brick and mortar shops post big sales to drive consumers to spend and Cyber Monday marks the day that the same happens online.

Cyber Monday Boosts Record Numbers

Recently comScore, an online data tracking source, published numbers from Cyber Monday’s that offer irrefutable evidence that this is the most important day for retailers to be involved in the online arena when it comes to sales or deals. Since its inception, Cyber Monday has seen its sales double from 2005-2010. 2010 boasted the most important spending day of the year with online spending reaching over one billion dollars. This was the first time in history that this much spending occurred online and many businesses are still missing out!

Why the Spike in Online Buying?

Online buying has spiked because there are numerous consumers that are now aware that many deals are only available online. Businesses are promoting themselves both in their stores and online and offering separate deals in both locations to lure customers in from all possible angles. In addition, online buying is easy, and research, price comparisons and purchases can be done from the comfort of your computer. This happens both at the home and the office, giving busy consumers an additional way to please all those who are on their gift list.

Why SEO for Cyber Monday?

If your business wants to utilize Cyber Monday to boost sales Tampa SEO recommends getting professional help to reach as many potential customers as possible. Your website alone will not promote itself; it takes SEO to reach the audience that is looking for the products and services that you are providing. Here are a few things Tampa SEO is doing to help promote the businesses of its participating clients:

  • Promoting Site Wide Sales– By providing deals throughout your website site wide you are making easy for customers to find specials. Otherwise they may have to search through the site to find deals, making them less attractive.
  • Social Media– Utilizing your existing social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook allows you to connect with people who already have relationships with you and recognize your brand.
  • Email Marketing– Email marketing is an additional way to remind people to shop with you during the holiday season.

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