Creating Viral Linkbait with Tampa SEO

Viral means becoming extremely popular in a very short amount of time. Linkbait is what you publish that is worthy of earning links so that you increase your chances of ranking well for that particular topic. As such producing viral linkbait is a great SEO approach to getting links, generating exposure, and building relationships. According to marketing experts, viral material works if the right message is given to the right messengers in the right environment. Tampa SEO helps to give website owners some good ideas so that they can create viral linkbait.

Video Linkbait

Videos are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to viral linkbait. How many times have you heard “have you seen that so-and-so video on YouTube?” Web users also have short attention spans and may prefer watching a video over reading. Cell phones film in HD now so access to recording and publishing videos as linkbait is a good start. Consider topics from this list to use as content.

Pioneer Linkbait

Tampa SEO has been talking a lot about Google Fresh and the algorithms approach to fresh news. If you can produce engaging news before anyone else there is a good chance it will be picked up first by the search engines. Much of the Internet world learned of Bin Laden’s capture via a tweet from an otherwise non-significant personality.

Competition Linkbait

People like to enter into competitions given the prizes are worth it. Encourage people to send in their best, worst, most awesome story, picture, memory or whatever may tie into the product or service you are trying to promote. If worthy, it can produce a good buzz.

Give it Away Linkbait

When you provide people with free information or tools they love you for it. If you have information or tools that are really valuable to people share it and see the response you get. Think of the musicians who let their fans set their own price for music, big winners.

How-to Linkbait

Producing tutorials for commonly confusing topics can help to set you apart from the pack as an authority in your field. Tampa SEO recommends being as original and thorough as possible when doing so.

Interview Linkbait

If you can find someone who is highly influential or famous and interview them you can produce some highly successful linkbait. Create questions that may relate to your industry or that allow them to provide insight to topics that people are concerned about.

Top 10 Lists Linkbait

Top 10 lists are some of the most popular lists on the web and TV. You have probably seen top 10 beaches or top 100 songs of the 80’s and so on. The popularity of these as linkbait works the same way on TV as online. Produce some good content that simplifies the ideas that already exist and people will want to link to it.

Research Linkbait

If your business is one that conducts research studies that are valuable to the industry publishing them online can attract good links. Everyone wants to use empirical data and a credible research study is a way to promote facts that people can both share and reference.

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