Google Publishes 10 Recent Algorithm Changes

Recently Google published a blog that summarized 10 of their most recent algorithm changes to highlight the ways they are attempting to improve search. Some of the changes may or may not affect the impact your website has in search but Tampa SEO thought this would be useful information to know in the event you are considering making changes to your website or are in the process of building a new website. Below are the most relevant of the 10 changes that Tampa SEO felt have the most significant impact on our readers. You can visit the Google Blog for yourself to see the other changes.

Snippets with more page content and less header/menu content:

Google has traditionally drawn its snippets from text from the head or the menu. It has now adapted its algorithm to try and publish snippets that they feel are actually more relevant to the content that is contained within the webpage.

Better page titles in search results by de-duplicating boilerplate anchors:

When Google makes the decision to generate a page’s title they consider a number of factors including in–bound anchor text links. They have found these to be less relevant to the actual content of many webpages so they are placing less emphasis on this variable. The goal is to produce more relevant titles that are specific to the page’s content, instead of what can actually be manipulated by the site’s owners.

Extending application rich snippets:

Application rich snippets are an addition to the snippets provided in other areas such as shopping, recipes, reviews, video, events and music. The latest addition is to also provide detailed information that helps users determine more quickly if a webpage has the information they’re interested in for software applications.

Fresher, more recent results:

Google Fresh, a more recent update has placed emphasis on how fresh content is ranked. They now try to deliver the most up-to-date results from webpages.

Refining official page detection:

Google has previously stated that they attempt to rank trusted and authoritative sites higher. This process to increase rankings for official sites coincides with that algorithm change.

Improvements to date-restricted queries:

In an effort to improve the search results for queries that specify a specific date range Google has changed how they handle the results. The goal is to deliver the most relevant results for the given date range specified by the searcher.

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