Many of our Tampa SEO clients or prospective clients have strange theories on how search engines work and how to rank well via organic SEO. To clear up some of the confusion as to how SEO works, it pays to understand how search engines work and how they bring us the information we are attempting to look for.

Function of a Search Engine

A search engine has four functions:

  1. Crawling information that is shared on the Internet
  2. Indexing this information- documents, pages, files, news, videos, pictures, etc.
  3. Calculating its relevancy to the search
  4. Delivering results that are desirable to the searcher

Crawling & Indexing SEO Information

The search engines must sift through literally billions of pages of data that is on the Internet and must keep tabs on where they exist in the event a searcher needs to find it. You can think of it like a library system. The web is the library and the search engines are like the computerized indexing system you use to find the books or other materials in the library. Without the indexing system the data would never be found.

The search engines use robots, also called crawlers or spiders, to reach the many documents online and utilizes links to find other relevant pages. The search engines must be able to pull this data immediately as searchers are generally not willing to wait more than a few seconds for results.

Providing Relevant Results

When Tampa SEO attempts to help rank its clients in the search engines, it must abide by the rules put in place by the search engines. Our clients often wonder why ranking takes so long, and Tampa SEO tells them it is because the search engines have to first develop trust in the website before they consider it relevant. To expand, when a person searches for something the search engines must first scour through their enormous data field and do two things. The first is to return results that are relevant to the query and the second is to rank those results in order of perceived importance.

Why SEO is Needed to Get Noticed

The difficult part of ranking well is getting the search engines to believe that your website or relevant page is important and holds value to the searcher. A website owner cannot simply say that their site contains the best information on the web which is why it is up to the SEO company to help with this cause. There are numerous ranking factors that come into play to rank well and an SEO helps to achieve this goal.

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