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Infographics are those nifty little creations that blend art, facts, and information into one easy-to-understand visualization. Done right they can really help to drive links to your website and bring attention to your knowledge of the subject used. Generally you see infographics used to help explain things that might otherwise be difficult to understand or dull to read. The infographics, which consist of words, pictures, or art, are a way to make the difficult easy-to-follow and the dull shiny and bright. Tampa SEO discusses some important considerations to help you with your next effort. Before you begin you will first need at least one creative individual, a graphic designer, and an industry expert. The key is to make the infographic fun, easy to understand, informative, and worthy of sharing.

Brainstorming your Infographic

If you don’t already have an idea or concept in your mind in which you’d like to help explain via an infographic get the creative minds in your organization together to decide what topic you’d like to base your infographic on. There are no bad ideas in a brainstorm; it is simply a way to get the creative juices flowing. Jot down all the ideas, walk away from it, and come back later and take votes to decide which ones you think would induce some web popularity.

Consider your Audience

Although infographics can be used internally to help explain some vague practices, most businesses use them for a direct objective. When choosing an infographic consider who you want to reach with your project and why. Having a clear idea of what your objectives are makes it easier to design and stick to a plan. Tampa SEO recommends considering the following reasons for creating good infographics:

  • Brand awareness?
  • Links to your website?
  • Newsworthy information?
  • Promotion of product or service?
  • Something fun for potential clients/customers?

Infographic Implementation

Once you have narrowed down your search for good topics and developed a reason why to develop it, it is now time to design the sucker. Your infographic doesn’t have to be the most elaborate piece of art in the world, it just has to simplify the meaning of the message and do so in a way that helps people understand otherwise ambiguous information. Although the infographic can be simple it should still be highly attractive as well as informative in order to work.

Work with your graphic designer to design something that helps meet the goals of your infographic. You should involve the graphic designer in the entire process or do your best to fill them in on all the details so that they can put their spin on it. Try not to hinder their creative prowess while trying to reach your goals. A graphic designer is creative and is knowledgeable in the areas of how to translate ideas into images. Let them have free reign over the process and you’ll likely get something better than if you try to have them convey the image that is in your head.

Sharing your Infographic

Tampa SEO tries not to overlook this important aspect of the infographic process. You have spent a lot of time (and money) on an infographic and now it is time to spread the word. Begin with the obvious areas of your website, blog, Twitter and Facebook and see how the topic spreads. Remember that although infographics can spread themselves, they first need to be placed in the eyes of the people that will spread them. Again, consider who your audience is and find creative ways to target them and share your information. Build a relationship based on the value of the information not just strictly getting a link.

For ideas on infographics type in “infographics” into the Google image search and see what others have done successfully.

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