SEO Competitive Analysis

In SEO the goal is outrank your competitors for the keywords that are relevant to your business. Before you choose the keywords you want to rank for you first have to study your competition so that you know what you are up against. It should be obvious that not all industries carry the same level of competition online which is why trying to rank for the most generic keywords may not always prove advantageous. Below are some SEO competitive analysis details that Tampa SEO looks at.

Analyze Competitors

The first step Tampa SEO takes in our competitive analysis is identifying competitors. We ask the client to first mention the top 10-20 online and offline competitors. We then analyze the broad competition and the niche competition that rank for their most important keywords. This is done by simply typing them into the search engine and making note of who is ranking.

Competitor Keyword Analysis

The second step we take is to determine what the strategy of the competition is and figure out why they are successful at implementing it. You can learn a lot from your competition this way and learn what is working for them and try to match it or improve upon it. Taking a look at the keywords the competition is using in their title tags and content and researching how well they rank will give a lot of insight into how well they are doing.

Content Analysis

Tampa SEO will look at the keywords your competition is using within their internal link anchor text as well. If they are producing content often we will note the frequency and try to match it. The value of the content that they have will also be considered. Is it actually content people will link to or is it branded for the individual corporation? We will also take a look at the calls-to-action they are providing to see if the flow of the websites you are competing against have any details that we can mimic or improve upon. The HTML code is also taken into account to see if it is optimized properly and effectively.

Off-Page Analysis

In the off-page analysis we are looking to see what the competition’s external optimization strategy is and how to improve upon it. We do this by looking at the backlink data as these play an important role into the authority and trust of their websites. Analyzing the total number of backlinks, the date they were created, the pages within their site that receive the most links, the anchor text used to link to them, and the types of links are all considered.

Post Competition Analysis

After Tampa SEO has analyzed these factors we determine how these sites compare to yours and decide the plan of action that would help you to outrank them. As you can see the process is very involved and may take some hard work but a good plan is the start to a successful SEO attack.

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