I just read a great blog post from my good friends in Tampa. I had to reshare – I feel your pain.

Click Explosions says:

I just met yesterday with a potential client, who shall remain nameless. The interesting thing about this account is the short history of their website. It has been live for three months. They hired a search engine optimization firm, who shall also remain nameless, in Tampa.

For anyone who knows anything about SEO, a site that is three months old is fighting an uphill battle against sites that have existed for 12 years plus. As well, you cannot effectively evaluate an seo campaign until 90 days (minimally) have passed. In the first 90 days the foundation is built…….that is where the SEO campaign is rooted if done correctly. An effective campaign really bolsters in the 6 to 12 month period after initial optimization.

The prospect researched one of my clients and found two rankings that were on the 3rd and 6th pages. What she didn’t realize is that a year ago, that client had ZERO rankings in the top 100 pages and also had ZERO traffic. Yes some rankings will not be as good as others. She also didn’t realize that the client selected thirty keywords to promote. She was arbitrarily typing in keywords and seeing where they rank. This is amusing because she assumes that she knows which keywords are the traffic drivers. She also didn’t realize that the client is now getting many quotes a week for a niche market, whereas they had none before.

I almost feel sorry for the current technician because he has not had the opportunity for his work to take root. This is an example where a little information about ” What is good SEO” can be dangerous. Yes, as an SEO firm…..our clients are the boss. However, they need to realize they are not the “experts”. I don’t take my car to a transmission shop and tell them how to fix it because it is not my area of expertise. Enough said.

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