Google recently discussed the release of a new algorithm update dubbed “Google Fresh.” This update is focusing on delivering the most up-to-date or fresh search results as they have determined (with good reason) that recent news or information is what most people are seeking. For example if you were to search “Tampa Bay Bucs New Orleans Saints Score” Google’s new update would attempt to bring up the scores from this past weekend’s game rather than some other previous game. In other words searchers no longer have to specify dates of events to find the most recent info, Google assumes that this is what they are looking for already.

Expanding on the Caffeine Update

Last year Google released the Caffeine update which allowed them to crawl and index the web for fresh content quickly on an enormous scale. Google has thus expanded on Caffeine and is using algorithmic changes to deliver more up-to-date results for the following varying degrees of freshness:

  • Recent events or hot topics– When searchers are looking for breaking news or trending news Google will bring the latest information from high-quality pages even if the news is just minutes old.
  • Regular recurring events– Regular occurring events will also be heavily indexed as things like Monday Night Football may offer both last Monday’s details but also info on next Monday’s game.
  • Frequent updates– New updates that may not happen daily or weekly but which are none-the-less important will rank highly. For example new car reviews or the latest video games will rank even though they aren’t recent events or recurring events.

Tampa SEO Explains Google’s 35% Search Impact

Google stated that this algorithm “impacts roughly 35 percent of searches” and this caused some confusion in the marketing world. What they meant was that not 35% of all keyword searches would be impacted, rather that this change “noticeably impacts 6 – 10% of searches, depending on the language and domain you’re searching on.”

Tampa SEO Considers Variables to Fresh Update

Tampa SEO would like to discuss that there are some variables that will be more affected than others as there will be some websites that will be affected more than others. If your website puts emphasis on producing recent events, recurring events, or frequent updates you would be best suited to produce content as soon as the info clears your desk. Also, if you have a highly popular website that produces trustworthy content you can expect this update to affect your ability to be a pioneer.

Google was quoted as saying “one of the freshness factors-the way they determine if content is fresh or not- is the time when they first crawled a page.”  Tampa SEO suggests that content producers working within the realms of publishing newsworthy content that fit the varying degrees of freshness attempt to use multiple resources to get indexed quickly including their websites, blogs, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, and other means of Content Marketing.

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