How to Use Analytics to Create Content

At Tampa SEO we talk a lot about producing original, high-quality content that keeps users engaged and includes your call-to-action. Content is and always will be one of the most important pieces of your online strategy and utilizing it to get more conversions should always be your goal. To get help producing the best content, Tampa SEO recommends using your analytics program to determine what type of content is working well for you and what content you want to consider implementing.

Utilizing What Already Works

Your analytics provide a lot of valuable information that you can use to determine what areas your audience is finding you for. If you find that the keywords that are being used in the search engines to find you are referencing a similar topic, you should expand on their use. For example, you own a car dealership and have seen a rise in the keyword “hybrids” and its variations. You could extrapolate from this data that hybrid cars are a highly popular search term and would want to attempt to attract more visitors by forming more content that represented these keywords. The ultimate goal is to keep your audience on your website as long as possible and show them that you are the best resource for the information and products/services they are looking for.

Improving What Is Lacking

Your analytics can also help you determine what content needs to be beefed up, improved, or re-visited. In Google Analytics there is an option to look at bounce rates and exit pages. If you find pages that have high bounce rates (bad) and high ranking exit pages you will want to work on these pages first. Exit pages are the most common pages in which your visitors leave your website. To improve the bounce rate and exit pages, take the necessary steps to improve the content or provide links to other pages that you feel would be more engaging and help to satisfy the visitor’s needs.

Consider Your Most Important Pages

The above holds especially true if the pages that are the most integral part of your business are lacking value in terms of the analytics. Some pages within your website may be designed just as purely informational whereas other pages are designed to convert. In the case of the pages that are designed to convert these are the pages that need the most content that is catered to the audience and that brings them what they expect to see and more.

The above should provide you with some useful tools to help you improve your SEO efforts, increase conversions, and satisfy the needs of your audience. For more help with content contact Tampa SEO today.

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