Gearing Up Your Social Media Efforts for 2012 with Tampa SEO

For some businesses the end of the year marks a time when business slows greatly and it is time to look back on the year to see what areas could or should have been improved. Tampa SEO also wants to remind readers that the end of the year also marks the beginning of a new year and that it is a good time to look ahead. To keep with the fashion, we have decided to dig deep into what we think will be important to businesses in 2012 as far as their social media efforts are concerned. If you have anything to add, please let us know in the comments section.

Guest Blogging and Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is when you allow people who are not traditionally primary task-bearers to perform tasks on behalf of your business. In the spirit of modern social media guest blogging allows you as a business owner to permit your audience or people within your network to write for you in exchange for exposure and publicity in addition to a link. You will still need to focus your crowdsourcing efforts on finding people who can create quality content for your target audience but it can be a great way to build reciprocal links and build relationships within your industry.

Democratizing Communication

Your social media realm allows you to be involved in the democracy of communication as it does your audience. Tampa SEO recommends that your social media efforts be aimed at communicating to your audience but also being open to them redirecting conversations or showcasing their wants and needs. It is easy to present a dictator-like presence in terms of always producing information. When you get involved with the audience and utilize their voice you are showing them that you care and that their opinions mean something to your business.

Increasing Social Media ROI

Social media isn’t projected to falter in the coming year and when leveraged correctly can greatly contribute to your bottom line. Social media contributes to 23 percent of the time Americans spend online and is slated to generate companies up to 50 percent of their web sales in the next few years. 50 percent is a big deal. Don’t miss out!

Who Can Forget Mobile?

It doesn’t take a study to show that mobile marketing is on the rise. It is a trend that will continue to evolve into 2012 and shows a great deal of potential as businesses learn to meet the increasing needs of smartphone and tablet owners across the world.
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