Tampa SEO Explains Black Hat SEO

What Is Black Hat SEO?

If you are new to SEO you may have heard people discuss what is called in the search engine world as “black hat SEO.” Black hat SEO, as opposed to white hat SEO, pertains to SEO techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner. They are called black hat and white hat because the color black is used to symbolize evil where white is used to symbolize good and purity. Although the Google algorithms do a good job of disallowing black hat websites to rank well there are still a few that slip through the cracks and make the jobs of ethical white hat SEOs like Tampa SEO look bad.

What Is the Goal of Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO has the same goal of white hat SEO, the desire to improve the rankings and visibility of one’s site. The difference lies in the SEO techniques (or lack thereof) that are used to help rank the website. Black hat uses deceptive practices that are generally focused on the quick win and not with the user in mind. Black hat techniques can work more quickly making the job of ethical SEOs challenging when uninformed business owners see their competition rank quickly albeit in most cases temporarily and think their ethical SEO should be doing the same. It is difficult to argue with owners who just want the quick win.

What Are Some Black Hat Techniques?

As we mentioned before Google and the other search engines do a lot to design their algorithms to bring the best search results but can be fooled. Black hat SEOs game the system by doing some of the following:

  • Keyword Stuffing– Using the same keywords in an unnatural way repeatedly to try to get indexed for those keywords. Ex. Our orange cars are the best orange cars and you should only buy orange cars from our orange car dealers.
  • Duplicate Content– Copying and pasting content from other websites and using it on your own to rank for the topics or to show the search engines you are producing fresh content. It is ok to quote or restate articles that you think are interesting but stealing them entirely and claiming them as your own is unethical and illegal.
  • Blog Spam– You have probably seen this before. Useless comments in blogs that are used in an attempt to increase the number of inbound links to a website.
  • Link Farms– A link farm is a website or webpage that is only used to give links to other sites and has no real content value.

What Do White Hat SEOs Do?

White hat SEOs like Tampa SEO focus on the user experience and getting websites to rank long-term. Black hat SEO may indeed work quickly but can result in a damaged reputation, a website that is banned from the search engines, and even lawsuits for copyright infringement. White hat SEO takes a little more time but all good things in life are worth waiting for.

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