Tampa SEO Explains Why Social Media Has

Become More Visited Than Google

There has been some recent news that suggests that social networks have now become more important than search engines in some parts of the world. Facebook, the social media giant, has eclipsed Google in overall web traffic for the first time in the U.S. as of March this year. The United Kingdom boasts similar numbers, showing that people are visiting social networks more than they’re visiting search engines. Facebook alone does not beat out Google (in the U.K.) but accounts for nearly 7% of the web traffic whereas Google gets closer to 9%. Combine the traffic from the other social media sites and they narrowly beat out the search engines for the first time ever.

What Does This Mean for Business?

It should be clear that Facebook is a popular place to interact, share, and “like” things that your network is involved with on a personal level. Businesses should also understand that friends in networks share information about restaurants, barbers, bars, clubs, and other businesses. This means if you can make a good impression on your audience within a social network the chance of them referring your business or your posts showing up on their page and having impact can generate more exposure for you. Tampa SEO does a lot of social media management for our clients and part of generating leads means maintaining and growing relationships with the social networks that best suit their business.

Why Are People So Enamored With Social Media in Business?

Social media is a way to democratize communications and allow customers to have a voice in terms of the products or services that are being sold to them. Because it is obvious that social media is being used on so many personal levels it would make sense that businesses get a piece of the pie. To illustrate check out this example from a major airline CEO who used Twitter to help with his public relations.

Example of a Businesses Using of Social Media

This particular CEO was perusing Twitter, apparently for one the first times, to see what people were saying about the company. Turns out customers were unhappy with delayed flights, service charges, and the airline’s customer service overall. Needless to say the CEO was surprised to see how people were openly speaking about their displeasure with his company and he wisely took the steps to get involved. He worked with his public relations department and communicated with his customers on an individual level to show them that he and the airline cared about their needs.

This is just one of many examples businesses can use to connect with their customers through social media and utilize its strength and possibilities.

What are your thoughts on the impact of social media and its growth? Tampa SEO would love to hear your voice in the comments section.

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