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Tampa SEO recently published a post on Google Fresh and other updates from November. The search engine leader has since published more useful information than helps Tampa SEO with its clients’ rankings and can help you if you are involved in the SEO efforts of your business. The choice for Google to start publishing highlights of algorithm changes comes as the company attempts to be more transparent.

Here are the highlights from their post:

Related query results refinements:

This change focuses on fetching results that are more similar to the search query rather than results that are simply related. Google uses the following example, “if you are searching for [rare red widgets], you might not be as interested in a page that only mentions “red widgets.”

More comprehensive indexing:

More comprehensive indexing attempts to make long-tail documents available in the index rank for relevant queries. Long-tail searches are queries with multiple words such as “2008 red ford explorer sport” vs. a short-tail query like “ford explorer.”

New parked domain classifier:

A parked domain is a placeholder site that attempts to rank simply because they have an exact match domain name but no real quality content. Google is trying to devalue them from rankings.

More autocomplete predictions:

Autocomplete is where Google provides search options based on what you are searching. They are improving this process.

Fresher and more complete blog search results:

Pretty self-explanatory, brings blog results that come from the newest blogs as consistent with the Google Fresh update.

Original content:

Tampa SEO puts a lot of emphasis on producing original content. Google has added new signals to help them decide which websites have original content and which ones that are copying and pasting.

Live results from Major League Soccer and the Canadian

Football League:

It looks like even Google has now recognized American soccer as a legitimate sport! Now they are displaying the latest scores and schedules from this league and the CFL as they do with more popular sports.

Image results freshness:

To find the freshest images more often Google has changed its algorithm to determine image freshness for news queries.

Layout on tablets:

As the popularity for tablet devices has increased, Google is seeking to improve their usability by making minor color and layout changes.

Top result selection code rewrite:

To ensure that Google doesn’t show too many results from one site, they have rewritten the code so that this occurs less frequently.

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