The Business Owner’s Role in their SEO Campaign

For an SEO company the role that we are playing is simple- help to drive qualified traffic to our clients’ websites, beat out their competition, and reach financial goals. For the website or business owner these roles may not be so cut and dry. It is fairly often that Tampa SEO comes across a business owner who hires us to do SEO and then disappears like a ninja in under the cover of darkness. We feel that a business or website owner should be involved in their online marketing campaign so that they can stay abreast of how it is going so they can make the business better. Below are some tips for the business owner to consider when working on an online marketing campaign with their SEO company.

Keep Your SEO Company Abreast of Inner Happenings

As most businesses don’t have an in-house SEO company, the business owner will have to communicate with the SEO company to discuss the happenings of the business. Often times Tampa SEO finds out about business happenings that can help improve a business’s online efforts. For example, if you have partnered up with a new business this is a reason to promote the relationship online with a press release, blog, across your social media network, and maybe even present the opportunity to get a link or two. If you are unsure of whether or not an event, sales goal, new product or service, or hiring is worthy of discussing with your SEO company, err on the side of telling them more than less. Bottom line is keep good communication lines because your SEO may know how to turn news into a business-generating campaign.

Don’t Micro Manage

The worst thing a business owner can do is try and micro-manage their SEO company. It is perfectly fine to ask for updates and stay involved in the company you are paying to produce results, but when a business owner who is not an online marketing expert questions the strategies of the company they hired who is- tensions arise. If your SEO company is implementing techniques that may seem questionable, consider first that this is based on experience. If you researched their track record and it seemed favorable they should be trustworthy enough to do what they do best.

Understanding Social Media

Social media is still greatly misunderstood by many business owners, especially those who are not involved on their own. Understand social media is not just for kids and that used correctly can greatly impact your business. Your SEO company will know how to democratize communications between your customers which gives your business a personality. Have faith in social media and use the first rule- keep your SEO company in the loop- to allow them to connect with your followers.

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