Formulating an SEO Plan with Tampa SEO

SEO is a purpose-driven piece of marketing that helps you to attain specific goals. Every business offers different products or services and must therefore formulate a game plan as to what they would like to achieve with their SEO efforts. In others words, your end goal should not be so simple as “to get more traffic.” The difficult part in SEO is not getting traffic; it is getting qualified traffic and then getting searchers to adhere to your call-to-action. The below are a few things Tampa SEO focuses on with its clients to formulate a game plan and to help them clarify their goals. This helps to provide direction of a SEO campaign as well as determine how well your SEO marketing efforts are going.

Clarify Your SEO Goals

Tampa SEO asks its clients to clearly and specifically identify what their goals are for their SEO campaign. These can be either quantitative or qualitative although must businesses we work with are trying to improve their bottom line. Marketing is all about returns and the job of an SEO company is to pay for their service while making it worthwhile for their client to use them.

Keyword Research

You probably of heard of keyword research and you will probably hear of it again in the future. Essentially your content is a large piece of how you are indexed within the search engines. By strategically implementing the keywords that people are shown to use relating to your products or services we are making it easier for them to find you. Tampa SEO has a variety of different software tools we use to research the most popular keywords so that our clients have the best chance of being found.

Competitive Analysis

One of the many reasons you are online and using SEO is to beat out your competitors. It is likely your competition already has a SEO campaign of some sort and your goal (and ours) should be to beat them out for relevant search terms. Tampa SEO will have to dissect their website and see what it is they are doing right and improve upon it and provide additional features or functionality to your campaign to help you outrank them.

Using Analytics & Measuring Results

Organic SEO is not an overnight process but it is highly measurable. Tampa SEO uses highly involved analytics software to track your results and to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. SEO involves a lot of mulling of data and extrapolating information. We never take shots in the dark, we are always calculated in taking measures that affect the bottom line of your business.

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