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We at Tampa SEO have said many times before that social media management involves more than just setting up your social media channels and waiting around for business. Social media is a two-way street, one where you or your followers talk and then the other responds. Businesses that practice good social media understand this best and see the value in building communication lines between them and their audience. Tampa SEO wants to help you learn the basis of our social media management practices so that you can implement them to your advantage. Remember the goal of listening is to hear what your business ecosystem is saying and to work together to meet their expectations.

Determine Your Target Demographic

Social media listening and engagement takes times and effort and should thus be directed in the right place. This means targeting the right people at the right places. For example, if your business targets people aged 18-25 and 26-34 Facebook would be a good place to communicate with them as 25.8% and 26.1% of the users fall in this age group respectively. In Twitter, 35% of users are aged 20-24, making up the biggest group of users. LinkedIn would be the targeted audience for businesses wanting to appeal to older users, seeing 41% of their users coming from the age group of 35-54.

As you can see, knowing who is using what social media outlet can help you to define your strategy and will let you know where to place your efforts and where to spend your time.

Targeting Your Demographic

In social media the type of people that follow you or friend you are more important than the numbers. This means that having the most friends in social media doesn’t necessarily mean you have the best chance of winning over their business. This is important because it allows you to spend more time focusing on quality rather than quantity and really lets you reach out to the most important people. The average site gets 20% of all of its traffic from approximately 1% of its audience. This doesn’t mean that the other 99% aren’t important; it just means they are likely less influential in sharing your content or links with other potential business relationships.

Your Social Media Strategy

Knowing who to target and how to focus on your demographic are highly important. Focus your efforts now on a strategy. Figure out what your goals for social media are and the approach you want to take. For example, Tampa SEO wants to help other businesses learn about SEO and SEO marketing so we share free information that helps businesses in the hopes that people will spread our knowledge and it will reflect on us as authoritative in our field. Once we have developed trust in the eyes of others we have a better chance of having them choose Tampa SEO for their online marketing efforts than some other company who is less involved.

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