Getting Social in 2012 with Tampa SEO

Tampa SEO has to pat itself on the back for being a bit of a visionary when it comes to SEO predictions. We discussed in a former blog (see Tampa SEO and Your Online Marketing Campaign for 2012) where we said that “Social Media Will Continue to Play a Role” and the new Google format Search Plus Your World has clearly evidenced that. It’s really no surprise that getting personal is getting more popular with marketers and the public with the exception of the few introverts. At Tampa SEO we don’t look at Google changes as challenges, we look at them as opportunities and are paving the way for businesses who wish to stay on top of their competition.

Personal Content Comes on Strong

If recent speculations about the rise in social media and Google’s latest algorithm change aren’t convincing enough, I just don’t know what is. Personalized content such as content that is shared within your network of contacts, friends, customers, clients, or the potential relationship of any of these is making its move this year. Businesses can take solace in knowing that they don’t have to tackle all of these social networks by themselves, there is help out there for us all. The underlying factor is that all of these social networks work slightly different although they all share the common theme of bringing people together who want to be together.

Facebook, Twitter & Google+, Separate but Equal?

The Search Plus Your World features are being looked at with disdain from many, in particular competing social sites. Twitter’s chief attorney Alex Macgillivray tweeted that the update is a “bad day for the Internet.” One could see why Twitter shares this sentiment with others as Google is making claims that “your personal content or things shared with you by people you care about” is being incorporated into the search results. The fact is that Facebook, Twitter, and no other social media site other than Google’s own Google+ provides information to be shared within these search results. It is obvious that Facebook and Twitter are highly influential in the online world and for Google to make claims that “things that you care about are being brought to you” might seem like a stretch. In Google’s defense it cannot produce this content from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter simply because their terms of service won’t allow them to be crawled by Google. So who is to say that Google is being self-serving with their results when they can’t publish those of other influential sites?

What to Take Away

Tampa SEO is simply advising its clients that each social media campaign must be managed so that it targets your demographic the best way possible. This may mean just Facebook, just Twitter, or both of them and LinkedIn and YouTube. Every situation and business model is unique and must obey the unwritten laws of the ever changing wild west of the Internet.

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