Tampa SEO Provides Local Search Optimization Tips

Tampa SEO works a lot with businesses that wish to rank locally for their products or services and implements strategies that reflect current trends in local search engine optimization. There are many businesses that just have one location and serve only customers in one city such as the Tampa area. But there are also other businesses that serve multiple areas and have multiple locations and those that have one location and serve multiple areas. There are things you can do to help get more exposure in all of these situations and Tampa SEO will explain them below.

Start with Google Places

Google Places is your opportunity to tell Google about your business, list products or services, provide pictures, hours, location, the website, and even videos corresponding to your business. Best of all this service is free and can be completed in about 20 minutes. Bing and Yahoo also provide local listings services and any business owner should take advantage of these opportunities. You have probably seen what the Google Places look like before, they are the search results that come up (often before all organic search) and contain short bits about the business in your inputted location complete with a map, address, name, website, and phone number.

If You Have Just One Physical Location

If you just have one location then the Google, Yahoo and Bing local listings are a great place to start. Your website should also be a reflection of the location you serve and the content in the website should mention that for example you are a Tampa SEO or the nature of your products and services and the city that you serve. Don’t get too crazy with the content and overstuff it with the city name, keep it natural but be sure to include the city in the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions of each page. For example we use “Tampa SEO” in almost all of our Title Tags.

If You Have Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations you can reap the benefits of Google Places by creating more than one for each location you have. You cannot do this if you only have one location because they will have to confirm your address before you are listed so if you are thinking about slighting the system consider they have ways to prevent this. After you have created in-depth Google Places for each location as well as the same for Bing and Yahoo you can now turn your focus to your website.

To maximize your website to reflect your large service areas create unique pages with awesome content that reflect each area or city. Provide links to these pages from the homepage and make sure that each of these pages has appropriate labeled Title Tags and Meta Descriptions with the city name as mentioned above.

Place Your Service Areas in the Footer

The footer is a great way to provide useful information although due to its location don’t expect a lot of clicks to come through the footer. You can place 4-5 areas that you serve here especially if you have physical locations in each. Loading the footer with 20 cities you are trying to target will likely be viewed as spam.

If You Have One Location Yet Serve Multiple Areas

If you have a large service area yet only one office you will want to follow the steps mentioned above regarding creating individual pages for each area you are trying to attract. Again, link to them from the homepage and help guide users to the appropriate pages so they know quickly if you can help them in their city.

Things to Avoid

Never try to put every city you service into one Title Tag. This will look tacky, won’t get picked up by the search engines, and can be regarded as spammy.

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