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Campaign for 2012

It’s 2012 and now your business needs to look forward to develop strategies that help it to remain successful in the New Year. Big things have been happening in Google and in social media and those two elements will continue to impact your business in the future. How you respond will affect how well you can compete online and how you can appear in the eyes of your customers. Let’s take a look at some factors you’ll want to consider for the Near Year if you haven’t already done so already.

History is the Best Teacher

One of the first things that Tampa SEO has taken away from last year is that Google is continuing to make big moves in terms of how they see to improve search. There were many algorithms last year, particularly the Panda algorithm that affected many websites abilities to rank. The Panda algorithm and its many changes were focused on improving search results and devaluing websites that were publishing poor or thin content, were unreliable or not credible in content or appearance, and sites that were merely places people published to get links (link farms).

Tampa SEO foresees that this push to get higher rankings for websites that are more authoritative and trustworthy will continue and website owners will have to make changes that are consistent with the requirements from the search leader. We are helping our clients to improve their content, publish more frequently and really try to make content that helps their intended audience rather than just for the sake of having it.

Social Media Will Continue to Play a Role

Social media and sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google + will continue to help businesses to drive traffic and interact with their followers. Sales resulting from social media hit record numbers this past holiday season and businesses who utilize the democracy of social media will benefit from its use. Targeting the best social media outlets and establishing, maintaining and creating communication outlets through these mediums will continue to help expand your online presence.

Some Things Stay the Same

A lot of things get a lot of attention in the SEO world but Tampa SEO points out that some things that worked before will continue to work. SEO and Internet marketing are dynamic however things that work should not be overlooked because newer or flashier trends appear. For example we are continuing to drive traffic and connect with our clients’ customers with email marketing. We are also still managing Pay Per Click campaigns for clients and seeing positive returns across the board.

Tampa SEO wishes you financial success in 2012 and reminds you that if you need help with your online marketing efforts to contact us or request some info be written in our blog.

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