Writing Press Releases with Tampa SEO

Press releases are a great way to get online exposure and drive traffic to your website. There are a number of topics that a business could write a press release about and Tampa SEO has explained many of them below. The purpose of the press release should be to attract favorable media attention and create a buzz around your business or whatever topic needs some added attention. Press releases should first and foremost be newsworthy, meaning they should discuss topics that people will actually care about. In addition to providing news, they also carry SEO value in that many syndication outlets will allow you to place “follow” links within your release.

Tampa SEOs Common Press Release Topics:

Announcing a New Product or Service:

The news of a new product or service your company is offering is best told in a press release. Use this outlet to excite your existing customers and to attract new customers to your brand.  Include the details about your new product or service and explain how it will benefit your audience. The SEO value lies in the use of the new product or service in relation to your brands name. The new product or service will essentially be a keyword and by including it in your press release you are making strides to get indexed in the search engines for those terms.

Winning an Award:

Show your current and potential customers that others have deemed your business successful. Awards can be very prestigious and are a good excuse to share your accolades with others while slyly tooting your own horn. Be sure to explain why your product or service is award-winning and how it is beneficial to consumers.


Launching a New Partnership:

Business partnerships help to enhance your reputation and promote the growth of your business as well as that of your partner. You can attract new customers who will now affiliate your brand with your partner who they may already feel is credible.

Hosting an Event:

A press release will provide publicity and exposure to your event and allow you to let others know how they can get involved or participate. Keep your audience up to date on the happenings of your business and drive more traffic to your website so that your customers can learn more.

When writing your press release be careful not to be too self-promoting. Write it so that the information you provide is so good that it does the promotion for you. Remember to include who, what, when, where, why and how to cover all bases. For more writing tips or to hire professionals to write and syndicate your press releases contact Tampa SEO today.

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