Getting Difficult Content to Rank

The problem many companies run into with their content is that is just plain boring or not highly searched. There are a few ways to experiment getting this content to rank by inciting interest in it creatively. Follow these Tampa SEO guidelines to getting unconventional content to rank to see if they work for you.

Using Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the many free Google tools Tampa SEO will use to see what is popular on the web. You can enter topics to see how often they’ve been searched over time, see how often they have appeared in Google news stories, and see which geographic regions have searched for topics the most.

You want to use Google Trends to get content title ideas that are popular to piggyback some of the popularity of already highly searched topics. You can do this two ways:

1. Inputting related topics into the search query and seeing how popular they are. You will want to pick the topic with the highest trend at the current time to potentially get the most traffic. For example, you are a hat retailer and you want to push Super Bowl hats. Type in Giants and Patriots and set the search criteria to your area and set the date to the last 30 days. In the state of Florida it appears that the Giants are more popular, thus leading me to choose content titles that contain the Giants name in it.

2. Google also has a feature called Hot Searches that are a snapshot of what is trending publicly right now. Google Hot Searches are updated every hour. To implement Hot Search topics into your content find a Hot Search and relate it to your content. For example, using the hat retail business example again we can see that “Florida primary results” is a Hot Search. Consider writing an article with the words “Florida’s Primary Hat Provider” or “Elect Your Favorite Florida Hat.” You can be more creative if you like but the key is to use current trending keywords in your content.

Using High Ranking Content to Compare

In this method we are finding competing content and drawing parallels to it to help our content rank. For example let’s say you have an innovative new product such as those new bounce shoes you have seen around town. Consumers may not necessarily be looking for bounce shoes but they may be looking for something that produces the effect your bounce shoes deliver. This effect is exercise or fitness. We can write content that discusses the advantages of bounce shoes over a popular fitness shoe, naming the popular brand in our content to drive results.

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