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As many people have seen on their Facebook pages, there are advertisements that are targeted directly to them. It is not surprising to hear that recent studies have shown that Facebook has continued to beat out other online advertisers when it comes to display-ad impressions, beating out Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and AOL. This marks three years in a row that Facebook has led the Internet in online display-ad impressions, showing significant gains each year (over 6% increases from last year). The fact that the percentage of impressions they received, 27.9%, led the pack is not really surprising especially since Tampa SEO recently reported that time spent on Facebook has received more hits than the leader in search, Google.

Facebook Ads Targeting Consumers

If you have ever paid any attention to Facebook ads you probably have noticed how targeted they are to your interests. This can be attributed to how well Facebook is able to gather information about their users and target them with ads specific to their demographic. Any information you share with Facebook such as your age, location, education, and interests can be used to formulate prospective ads that you may be interested in. For advertisers this is great because the returns they see on Facebook ads appear to be generating more income than competing online businesses.

Facebook Incentivizing Advertisers

Facebook will soon be filing for its IPO this week and this news is expected to help their advertising efforts. Couple this with the fact that they are incentivizing advertisers to stick around by offering a 45% reduction in Cost-Per-Clicks. There are even reports of Facebook cold-emailing businesses and offering phone consultation on their advertising platform.

Facebook to Introduce Mobile Ads

Ad spending from Facebook has grown significantly since 2006, from 0.2% of the market share to 3.1% in 2010. They have done this even without mobile, a large portion of many other marketers’ budgets. Facebook users spend a large amount of time on their mobile devices and have not yet been introduced to ads. Facebook speculates that it will see a large increase in ad revenue once the mobile ads are introduced and will likely get more advertisers interested in mobile.

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