Getting Qualified Leads to Your Website

A qualified lead by definition is a potential customer who has expressed interest in a product or service and meets general buying criteria. When it comes to sales many marketers believe that getting the most people through the door is better than getting the most qualified people through the door. This doesn’t sit well because qualified people are the most likely to make a sale, the goal of any business.

When it comes to your website you too want to get qualified leads to find your website through search engines. If your potential clients already know who you are then it should be easy enough to find you. We are talking about people who don’t know you but are already interested in your products/services.

Motivation of Qualified People

One of the biggest benefits of SEO is that people who are looking for you are finding you whereas other advertising mediums—such as radio, TV, or print media—you are looking for them by putting information out there. A recent study performed by Morgan Stanley indicated the following budget imbalance of where marketers spend their money and where consumers spend their time:

Advertising Medium                                     Marketers Ad Budgets                                                      Consumer Time

Internet                                                                         13%                                                                                          28%

Print                                                                               26%                                                                                          12%

Radio                                                                                9%                                                                                          16%

TV                                                                                    39%                                                                                          31%

This is not to say that every time a person searches for a term they are interested in buying it at that point in time. However if you are voluntarily searching for products/services online you may be considering/getting close/looking to buy something at that particular moment in time.

Ranking for Keywords with SEO

Let’s say you provided a business that sold soccer equipment and you ranked for “low cost soccer equipment.” The chances of consumers landing on your website because they searched those terms and found you significantly increase your chances of making a sale. Even if those consumers did not buy your equipment there is still a good chance they will bookmark your page or type in the same words to find you when they are ready to buy.

The fact is you have to take the first step to being found which is employing an SEO campaign that allows you to rank and get in front of the consumers that are looking for you. Really drilling down into the keywords and keyword phrases that your potential customers will use to find you and then creating original content—either words, pictures, or video—that target those keywords, will help you convert more sales and improve your returns more than any other advertising medium as indicated above.

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