How to Do SEO in Tampa: A Three Step Process

Doing SEO in Tampa can be challenging because it is a large city and thus presents a lot of competition. The more competition you have in a centralized area means the more difficult it will be to rank for terms that are relevant to your business. So how do you make your Tampa SEO efforts work and how do you stay a step ahead of your competition? It starts with a plan and ends with—well, it never really ends – but it does get easier as you go along.

First Step to Tampa SEO

The first step to doing SEO in Tampa is to begin with a website. After you have built out a website you will be able to attract people to it by the search engine optimization process. If you don’t have a website yet it will work to your advantage to have an SEO company build it so that is has a SEO foundation in the event you have a limited budget and can’t move ahead with a full scale campaign. If you have an existing website you can implement SEO into the current frame but it is easier to implement the on-page SEO during the build-out.

Second Step to Tampa SEO

Now that you have built a website that is SEO-friendly you (or your Tampa SEO company) will need to determine how it ranks. Installing an analytics program like Google Analytics (free!) will help you determine how much traffic you are getting and what words people are using to find you. After you let your analytics program run for a month you will get a good idea of the traffic you are generating without full scale SEO. Now it’s time to step up your efforts with a full scale SEO campaign to beat out your competition and drive even more qualified traffic to your website.

To beat your competition you will first need to determine why they are outranking you for your terms. Type in your keywords then ‘Tampa’ to make the search localized. For example, if you are an air conditioning company type in “air conditioning Tampa.” The reason you type in ‘Tampa’ afterwards is although Google will geolocate you, or determine you are in Tampa, is because it may still bring up companies that are located across the U.S. and rank for the generic words ‘air conditioning.’

Take note of the companies that are ranking on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) and determine what it is that is making them rank better than you. There is of course software that will do this for you. This is one of the more difficult characteristics of SEO and is the reason why people pay big bucks to rank well in Tampa for search.

Third Step to Tampa SEO

The fundamental reasons that websites outrank one another are links and content. Developing these will be an ongoing effort for you or your Tampa SEO company. If you can get better links than your competitors and have more compelling, well-written content in addition to excellent on-page optimization there is a good chance you will reach your goal of outranking them.

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