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Business owners often overlook the importance of links that need to be built to their websites to help them rank. Truth is, linkbuilding is and will continue to be one of the most important factors in SEO for the foreseeable future. There is always a lot of attention given to content and social media yet it is difficult to argue that linkbuilding is not the single most important facet of helping a site to rank in competitive industries. Tampa SEO offers some links that you should seek to employ and some ways to get them.


.Gov & .Edu Links


.Gov and .Edu links are the crème-de-la-crème when it comes to linkbuilding. These links provide the most link juice to your website and also give your site the most credibility. As these links are the most popular and highly sought, they are also the most difficult to get. To get an .edu or .gov link you cannot simply employ standard linkbuilding efforts such as asking for a reciprocal link, doing a blog post, and asking a for a link from a contact you may have within these organizations. These links are really only given when they are really deserved and a government (.gov) or university (.edu) feels that your website would provide a lot of value to the readers of the page the link is coming from.


Some suggestions to attempt to get these types of links are to try the following:

For .edu Links: If you are reputable business owner you may able to contact your college to see if they will list you as a company who provides great service as related to a degree the school provides.


For .gov Links: Get involved with the local community in some kind of charitable event or social event. If there is a benefit to the city or county residents, you may be able to get a .gov link on the local level.


Links from Similar Businesses


When you are linkbuilding you are essentially trying to get third party websites (i.e. not sites you own) to give you a nod in the form of a link that tells the search engines that you are credible. Therefore you should seek links from other industry-specific companies that either are your vendors, or offer the same products or services but in a different and non-competitive geographic region. Links from other countries are also worthy of some attention in this realm as well and you may find that many companies from the U.K. are willing to do link exchanges with you.


Links Contained Naturally within Content


If possible, you will always want to seek links that are contained naturally in the content rather than straight URL form. Have your link partner use the keywords that you are seeking to rank for and make attempts to get them to place your link on pages that are actually relevant to your products or services. A lot of SEO companies try to use this technique with blog comments or forum posts but these links really don’t carry much value and often appear spammy.

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