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The geniuses at Tampa SEO spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve the websites of our clients in addition to the facts about where people are looking for information on your site. Heat mapping, or the specific areas of websites that human eyes spend the most time, comes up in our thoughts to improve website design as well as click-through from the search engines. The science of heat mapping allows us to find out how we can improve website design and place valuable content in the most opportunistic locations on websites. Additionally, it tells us a lot about how search rankings will affect how many clicks we receive to our website.

The Science of Heat Maps

Heat mapping originally was research taken from eye tracking software. It tracked the paths that a user followed with their eyes and the mouse. See figure below.

The most frequently observed areas that we can tell from this picture of a Google search are the top left (shown in red) and the areas surrounding (shown in yellow). This is important because it allows us to see the engagement of a user’s experience on a website as well as in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Although the above picture is a shot of a SERP, it still provides insight to how a user will interact with a website and how a web designer should place the optimal elements on the page.

Website Design Considerations

As the above heat map shows website owners should be utilizing the most active, or hottest, regions of their websites with their content that merits the most exposure. A good idea is to place your most popular information or the information that you wish to draw the most attention to in the upper left and top center regions of your website.

Heat Mapping & SEO Rankings

Heat mapping also tells us the importance of ranking well in the search engines and why having a solid SEO campaign is so important to conversions and click-throughs. If you consider Google’s search results page, you will notice that the areas where the eye is fixed are often the three or so paid search (PPC) ads. Just below this are the organic search results that businesses attempt so hard to rank for. Either way you look at it heat mapping shows us the significance of the natural location of eye movement and how it can play into your site design and ranking factors.

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