Writing for Search Engines and Your Audience

Writing for your website, blog, press release or other online-published content is different from just writing in general. This form of writing, called “SEO content writing,” is written with two audiences in mind: the search engines and your target demographic. To appease both audiences you will have to adopt specific characteristics into your writing style so that you can show up in search queries for the people who are looking for you. Tampa SEO has compiled the following tips for SEO content writing so that you may begin to practice employing these techniques into your content.


Keywords and SEO Content Writing


The basis of your content will predominately be based off of the keywords that you wish to rank for. If your content doesn’t contain the keywords that you wish to rank for, it is virtually impossible to come up in the search engines for them. Therefore you should first start your SEO content writing strategy by having a firm grasp (or list) of the words and variations you wish to rank for. Use the Google keyword tool to find out the most competitive keywords for your industry and use these as the basis of your content.


Keyword Stuffing & Writing Naturally


By now you are probably thinking ‘if I need to incorporate keywords into my content I should repeat them over and over throughout my content.’ There is some truth to this but you don’t want to do what is called “keyword stuffing.” Google will pick up on SEO content writers who try to mesh keywords into content unnaturally. Although you won’t be penalized for doing this you will severely hinder any attempts to rank well. In addition to angering the search engines, you will also make for a bad user experience and turn your readers off as they too will find your content poorly written.




Anchortext, or text within your content that links to other webpages is also important. Search engine spiders “crawl” your website by traveling from these links so writers need to make sure that these links need to go to relevant pages. These anchortext links need to be given to keywords to put additional emphasis on these words and to make it easier for the search engines and readers to navigate through your website.


SEO Content Writing Fundamentals


Earlier we mentioned user experience and this is an important factor in SEO content writing. Your content must first be attractive to the search engines so that your readers can find it. After they are brought to your page you’ll have to do your best to blend your SEO writing techniques with compelling content that keeps them on your website and incites the reader to your call-to-action.

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