Three Facebook Changes Affecting Your Business

Facebook is changing and so will your business strategy. To keep up with what is perhaps the best social network for businesses you’ll need to stay abreast of the changes at Facebook. Here are the top three changes that Tampa SEO wants to bring to your attention.

1. Business Landing Page

Business owners will have to adopt a new cover photo for their business landing page. The opportunity to place a nice picture is quite attractive actually, and the new photo presents businesses a chance to make a good first impression. Facebook recommends using a unique image to represent your page along with an image your audience responds well to. The cover images must be at least 399 pixels and may not contain any calls to action, price or purchase information, contact information, or references to liking or sharing.

2. Using Timeline for Milestones

The timeline feature is coming regardless if you change it on your own. Business owners might as well change it now to make sure the change goes over as smoothly as you’d like. Tampa SEO also recommends adding interesting Milestones in the life of your brand or company. You can easily fill out information and include events, locations, dates, stories and photos to make the Milestones more attractive. The Timeline posts are separate from fan posts, giving businesses more of an opportunity to focus on things that they would like to share. The key to Timelines is to make them as visually engaging as possible.

3. Facebook Advertising

Facebook is still known for giving users a good return on their investment in terms of advertising, cost per click (CPC), and cost per one thousand (CPM). Facebook has recently implemented the Reach Generator, which is said to allow businesses to hit up to 50% of their fans each week and 75% each month. The weekly number is up from 16%, making advertising more attractive to businesses. With the Reach Generator, fans will see your message as a sponsored story on the right-hand side of their homepage or in their news feed on desktop or mobile. They are guaranteeing that 75% of fans will be reached each month and also boasting other benefits such as increased volume of engagement, and the benefit of customized monthly reports that show reach, engagement and brand tracking.

What do you think of Facebook’s new changes? Are you experiencing any increased levels of engagement? Tampa SEO wants to know, please leave your comments below.

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