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Google often gives us SEOs some tips for improving our websites and guess what, we pay attention. As part of this search engine optimization criteria is an old, but useful tip that many site owners unfortunately still ignore. Today we will touch on how to improve the URL structure of your website. The URL pertains the words after your domain, so for example anything that would follow such as As you can see we have employed the keywords “seo services” into our URL for a few reasons that we will explain below.

Conveying Information with your URL

When you have a properly optimized URL such as the one mentioned above, you are offering the search engines additional information as to what your webpage is about. It should be clear to the search engines that our page is about “SEO Services” and the content on that page will reinforce that topic. In addition to allowing the search engines to better crawl your site with SEO-friendly URLs, it is also beneficial for user experience. For example, the content of a URL that contained keywords would be simple to identify for visitors on websites in which your URL was listed as a link versus a link that was for example:

Here’s what Google had to say about the matter:

If your URL contains relevant words, this provides users and search engines with more information about the page than an ID or oddly named parameter would.

Improving Click-Throughs

In addition to communicating what your content is about to the search engines and visitors website designers should also recognize that the URL is also displayed as part of the search result in Google, right below the Title and Meta Description. If a user were to type in “Tampa SEO services,” those words would appear in bold in the Title, Meta Description and the URL, emphasizing to the searcher the relevance to their search terms.

What Words to Use in your URLs

If you guessed that you should use keywords in your URL structure you have earned yourself a cookie. Please redeem by contacting Tampa SEO today. That was a bad joke but a good tip. Keywords in the URL structure, just like keywords in your content, should be consistent with the other topics on the page. For example, you have a page about SEO services, you will want the title tag to also say SEO services, as well as the URL and a picture (if relevant) so that your content is consistent with one topic.

To learn more about SEO-friendly URLs, contact Tampa SEO today for more information.

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