Is Pinterest Social Media’s New Sweetheart?

In other social media news Tampa SEO has been investigating the impact Pinterest is having on businesses and exposure. In case you are unaware, Pinterest is essentially an online pinboard that allows users to share things they find on the web with their friends. You can also explore the pinboards of your friends and share interests, making it an exciting place to connect with like-minded people in an easy and convenient location. If businesses can have the same effect on consumers as friends, in the sense that they make it fun to connect, perhaps they can win.

How To Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest operates much like other social media in that it works best if you are fully involved in the campaign. For Pinterest marketers, you can’t just promote yourself and expect to garner a following. Instead, post pictures of related topics that you find useful, attractive, or relevant to your desired products or services mixed in with your own self-promotion. It’s kind of like Facebook or Twitter where you post information that is beneficial to users in the event they might become more interested in the personality of your company.


Like in Twitter where you can retweet someone else’s blurbs, in Pinterest you can “re-pinn.” Re-pinning is a form of sharing and it shows others that you like what they are posting and essentially gets you involved in conversations. This allows you to develop meaningful relationships with like-minded businesses or people.

How Do I Know if Pinterest is Right for Me?

Although Pinterest is a unique site and is simple to understand and use, does that also mean it will be good for your business? The answer is perhaps. Pinterest currently is gaining lots of popularity and Tampa SEO clients have been generating a bit of a buzz about it for their personal use. It should be noted that most Pinterest members are women although men are starting to use the site to get connected as well.

Done correctly, almost any social media site can help drive traffic to your website if you can gain a following and maintain interest in your posts. Of course every business may not benefit from posts. Say you are an accountant, posting pictures of people pulling their hair out or tax forms may not be the right way to connect to your potential consumers. Think about how Pinterest can benefit you and do a test run to see if it’s worth pursuing.

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