Five Tips to Writing a Successful Blog

So you write a blog for your business, for fun, for entertainment, or to stay fresh so that Google constantly indexes you. Below we will discuss five ways to approach blog writing so that you can attract readers as well as the search engines. It has been said that a well written blog will attract users more than a fancy and artistic website. Google has recently stated that websites that may not have a large budget for an SEO agency may benefit from producing awesome content. Whether or not you believe this stuff, your content is what can separate you from the pack. Here’s how:

1. Create a Killer Headline

Your headline will have to captivate your audience and compel them to want to read more. In addition to that it must be clear to what the blog post is about as well as contain keywords you wish to rank for. Getting creative and cute unfortunately will not work well for you. Readers love top 10 or 100 lists, how-to’s, guides, and interesting or colorful topics. Try to pay attention to what grabs your eye and implement this into your titles.

2. Easy to Read Format

Have you ever seen a blog that turned you off because it seemed ridiculously long or lumped together? When blogging, use headlines and sub-headlines to your advantage and try to break off your topics every 100 or so words to keep your readers in line.

3. Linking to Old Posts or the Website

Generally blog sites are attached to a website or are standalone. To drive traffic to the website or blog, hyperlink appropriate words back to other posts you have written or to the website that may contain more specific information or calls-to-action. Linking within your posts drives traffic to old posts, allows you to rank keywords, and allows the search engines to crawl your site easily.

4. Correct Usage of Pictures

If you are placing pictures in your blogs, make sure they are optimized appropriately and are relevant to the topics on the page. For example, instead of a picture being called jklh8797.jpg, rename it to nike-shoes.jpg so that you also have a shot of coming up in Google Images.

5. Weekly Blogging

If you want to generate an audience and show them that you are an authority in your field (or at least an entertaining one), be sure to blog at least once a week. This produces fresh content, drives more traffic, allows you to rank for more keywords, and will get you indexed more frequently.

Other tips:

You can also benefit from allowing readers to comment, share your information through social media, and exchanges ideas with other like-minded people.

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