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When most companies think of social media they think of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. While these are great and most fortune 500 companies have accounts—as should small to medium sized businesses—they should also consider Yelp. Yelp is a social media company whose purpose is to connect people with great local businesses. Businesses use Yelp to provide users a place for reviews, list events, as well as communicate with other “Yelpers.” They also generate most of their revenue from selling ads, much like Google and Facebook. So why list your business on Yelp?

Yelp Gaining Tremendous Popularity

As you may have read, Yelp just began trading on the New York Stock Exchange and had a huge first day with their initial public offering (IPO). Their shares jumped from $15 per share to nearly $25 per share, making investors and business owners using Yelp very happy. As a business owner, Tampa SEO recommends that you ride these online waves of excitement as Yelp will not be a short-lived social site. It is not an original idea, there are many competing sites that offer product reviews and offer users great places to learn about local businesses such as restaurants and doctors. Yelp is however one of the pioneers in this field and are one of the most popular if not the most popular site of its kind.

What Yelps Success Means for You

The IPO may not mean much to you if you are not an investor but the popularity of the business should. If you are in the service industry (restaurant, dentist, doctor, club, etc.), Yelp is a great place to share information to the masses for free. The other good part about this is that Yelp businesses have also been seen popping up on the first page of the search engines for related terms. This is obviously good for SEO purposes and marketing your business.

Advertising With Yelp

If you are considering advertising on Yelp compared to say Google Ad Words or Facebook advertising you may want to do your research. Yelp has often been accused of ripping off the small business owner when it comes to paid advertising. They are also said to charge unwarranted premiums according technology media company VentureBeat ( Tampa SEOs advice: stick to the free advertising and fill out as much information about your business as possible to get the best impact on visitors. Getting reviews may help with your SEO efforts.

What is your experience with Yelp? Let us know in the comments section.

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