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You hear it all the time in SEO, “create quality content,” or write “compelling content and traffic will come.” What does it all mean and how do you do it? I remember a friend of mine used to write a blog for his DUI Trial Attorney website as well as all of the content for his pages. Although I lived in a completely different state (and wasn’t in need of a DUI attorney) his content was so interesting that I read it anyway. This is the type of content that can make you look credible in the eyes of your readers and eventually lead to you establishing trust with them as an authority on the subject. Let’s take a look at some other examples we have found on the web so that you may be able to get ideas.

Keep in mind that a great writer is not something innate. It is something that requires practice and dedication to understand what readers want to read and what the concerns are of your target audience. For the above mentioned attorney it was clear- recent DUI victims. For others it may require more research. It can be noted that he often got ideas from his analytics program in the areas where it showed the search terms in which people were finding him.

Examples of Good SEO Content

There is an interesting dental education blog I stumbled across that obviously has information on dentistry. What’s more, the blog provided factually relevant information that was also tied in with popular culture. They once had a blog about the Five Most Expensive Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures and had a picture of a rapper with a platinum grill (teeth). They tied in information that catered to their audience but also had insightful information that was fun and entertaining making dentistry, an ordinarily boring topic, interesting.

A survival blog that caters to individuals who pride themselves on being prepared for any disruption in social or political order frequently writes about awesome survival vehicles that are bullet proof and have night vision installed. This is tied in with content about tools and survival kits but captures their audience, which is knowingly mostly men, and strikes a chord with them by writing about interesting topics they may not be able to afford but still are entertained to read about.

What these blogs all have in common is that they understand who their audience is and how to relate to them. Content in and of itself is boring, it has to bring in some other entertaining/educational/informative elements to make it stand out amongst its competitors. It must also be well-written, free of grammatical errors and clear. Take a look at the most popular TV shows to get an idea of what consumers are interested in. Emulate the titles and research what it is that your audience really cares about. If you are still confused, hire someone else to do it for you.

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